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Welcome to the most popular section of, the true stories archives. I have been maintaining this page in one form or another since 1993 (before the World Wide Web was around, the stories were available via FTP). The majority of the stories you will see here are from reader submissions, with the remaining tales from the early years of the alt.folklore.ghost-stories newsgroup.

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There are currently 1727 stories in the archives. Last story added 05.09.13.

Recently Added

Closet Door by obiwan (G)

Electric Shadows by obiwan (G)
Somewhat dubious but creative tale of a shadow spirit...

Voice of Fate by obiwan (G)
A young woman receives a message from the whispering wind....

Grandpa Was Watching by obiwan (G)
It's "no problem" for this grandpa to keep an eye on his granddaughter....

Apartment Weirdness by obiwan (G)
Some odd, perhaps supernatural, occurrences...

Ouija Portrait by obiwan (G)
Not paranormal, but a bit weird...

New Zealand Hag by obiwan (G)
Cross-generational sleep paralysis...

Stringy Hair by obiwan (G)
A ghost in need of a bath...

Story Categories

Hauntings (709) Classic hauntings.
Visits from the Dead (153) One-time or infrequent communications from friends or relatives who have passed away.
Ouija Stories (58) Stories involving the Ouija board
Poltergeists (65) Hauntings of the noisy kind.
Animal Spirits (48) From family pets to mysterious warning dogs
Mysterious Creatures (41) Trolls, huge birds, and other things that are definitely not human.
Old Hag (53) Probable cases of sleep paralysis, known in folklore as "Old Hag."
Time/space Displacement (30) Weird occurrences that seem to defy the laws of physics
Predictions (26) Prophetic dreams, visions, and other predictions of future events.
Folklore (32) Campfire stories, urban legends, and other fiction
Other (480) Stories that don't fit neatly into one of the other categories