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Reviews for White Crypto
Selfinflikted 06/05/08 - 11:19PM 1: 0 Signed This story would be a lot better without the holier then thou attitude before the beginning of the story. You made some bold claims then failed to deliver on them. The story itself is decent. I always enjoy strange creature stories. I would love to hear your friends version of the story though. Did they feel threatened by the creature? Did it make any noise? I have never heard any stories about creatures that look like this. It would have been a good idea to recount some other stories you have heard about them. All in all a very lackluster story for all the hype. The story would have scored hire if there was not an ego stroke to start it off. Laika 11/08/06 - 06:47PM 1: 0 Signed I was born and raised in Washington state and like most of you, have heard many stories about Bigfoot. However, Bigfoot has always been described as having dark hair. I kind of think this is a made up story, but it was interesting and I'd like to read more. gregory311 10/12/06 - 03:07PM 1: 0 Signed I am 32 and from Western New York. I have never heard anything like this being spotted here or anywhere in the Northeast. This is a good story, but sounds more like something made up by two guys who struck-out with a chick and needed to come up with a fantastic tale to overshadow their bad luck. philm00r 08/25/06 - 03:03AM 1: 0 Signed That is a pretty wild story. I've never read any other accounts of a similar creature but I'll definately have to search for some now.

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