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Reviews for Ghost Town
cbddbc 06/27/08 - 01:24PM 1: 0 Signed wow thats a really creepy story (and detailed) That's crazy. Not literally crazy, but you know what I mean... macdog1015 06/24/08 - 10:59PM 1: 0 Signed that is awesome.really spooky and i TOTALLY believe you. my house has been haunted sice i was little so i am really interested in paranormal things.great story keep up the great work! BeanUser 11/19/06 - 04:32PM 1: 0 Signed Wow. This is really amazing. It must have been tremendously unnerving. Did you get the sense that you might be in the same town in the future? I suppose if that were the case, at least some aspect of the town would have looked familiar. I would really like to hear more of your stories! bannick 10/01/06 - 06:56PM 1: 0 Signed Wow that is really strange troy 09/30/06 - 10:40PM 1: 0 Signed excellent story and very creepy. I

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