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Reviews for Bloody Mary in the Bathroom
jeregretriens 10/15/07 - 10:08PM 1: Bloody Mary Signed I'm very offended about your use of my religion and portraying it in a negative light. Wiccans do not do such things. You're either lying about your mother's antics, or about her religion. I'll be contacting Obiwan about getting your story removed.

Member's Response: Feel free. My mother does it all the time. Okay, maybe not spell-spells but I thought that was clear. My mother doesn't actually do real spells all the time but she makes up stupid little rhymes to scare me. Maybe you shouldn't be so uptight about it. Laika 11/04/06 - 01:24PM 1: Bloody Mary Signed Did you get this idea from the TV series "Supernatural"?

Member's Response: Hmm, nope. Never seen the show.

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