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Reviews for Gargoyle in my Bedroom
troy 11/26/06 - 09:34AM 1: Face-to-Face with a Demon Signed very good story. I can only imagine what happened in the basement to cause those red streaks.

Member's Response: Since my aunt / uncle were my landlords (and also realtors) they were able to tell me the history of the house some years later. I learned that this home had once been a funeral home many years ago. The one room in the basement with the wide but short window was where bodies entered from the outside. The shower room is where the morgue people cleaned up after they embolmed the bodies and the main room with the red stains was where the embombing took place! My guess, making assusptions here because I have a complete lack of knowledge on the embalming procedure, but perhaps when needles are placed into the viens of the dead that sometimes the vien is missed and blood squirts out and maybe hits the wall. Dunno!

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