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Reviews for Santeria Boyfriend
Goddess 03/06/08 - 02:43AM 1: 0 Signed I absolutely and thoroughly enjoyed that story. very well written. Glad she's okay JStoker 09/16/07 - 05:56PM 1: 0 Signed I can relate to the woman in this story, and Im sorry you had to go through such an unsettling experience, You give good afvice on avoiding ouija boards and anything along those lines. My only question is whatever happened to this deeply troubled young man? ermelinda07 03/20/07 - 02:07AM 1: 0 Signed that was VERY freaky! teejay 01/11/07 - 05:59PM 1: 0 Signed This is a truely amazing story I am so happy to know you do not have anything more to do with him......Angels were protecting you. JBN 01/10/07 - 07:38PM 1: 0 Signed Scary to know that no matter how good you think you know someone, they are always capable of being involved in something you might not want to interfere with. I am glad that she was able to get away from that. Smushie 01/07/07 - 02:44PM 1: 0 Signed I really like this story because It shows how someone can become overwhelmed by their obsession with the dark arts. Missydee 01/07/07 - 02:16PM 1: 0 Signed This was a great story!! I wonder what happened to the boyfriend? troy 12/30/06 - 06:24AM 1: 0 Signed very interesting story and well written. I

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