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Reviews for Demon in my bed
TaRaysha 07/14/08 - 01:29PM 1: 0 Signed Sleep paralysis can be a frightening experience especially when pared with the active imagination of a child. cbddbc 06/27/08 - 01:43PM 1: 0 Signed ive heard snoring coming from my bed, but no actual contact O_O jessie1234 04/25/07 - 04:24AM 1: 0 Signed ive read thet same kid of story before on here. x ermelinda07 03/21/07 - 03:02AM 1: 0 Signed I would probably scream my head off if I was you... :) teejay 01/09/07 - 03:29PM 1: 0 Signed really scary stuff tornado_obsession 12/29/06 - 08:49PM 1: 0 Signed That was creepy

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