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Reviews for Dead Town
sarah 09/29/07 - 08:20AM 1: 0 Signed maybe there was a football game on? =D hiryuu 05/17/07 - 08:03PM 1: 0 Signed good story. reminded me a bit of the short story Children of the Corn, though. i'm interested if anyone knows the location of this town? ermelinda07 03/21/07 - 03:06AM 1: 0 Signed wow!!! maybe it was a massare and no one wants to live there anymore...thats what I think.. Missydee 01/07/07 - 03:50PM 1: 0 Signed Wow that was a very freaky story! I would of been terrified!!! Smushie 01/07/07 - 03:01PM 1: 0 Signed Wow! That's very strange. I would love to see some photos of that town. troy 12/30/06 - 06:36AM 1: 0 Signed very freaky story. I have been through a town similar to that in Kansas.

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