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Reviews for Johanna's Fall
JStoker 09/16/07 - 05:51PM 1: 0 Signed My heart goes out for this young lady and anyone who has gone through or experiences anything like this. Jenna 08/01/07 - 12:40PM 1: 0 Signed She may have had some sort of seizure brought on by extreme stress and depression. Some people will experience odd things up until and even directly after having an episode. They might experience lost time, suffer from extreme confusion, amnesia, and yes, even hear voices. If she seizured it would also explain the aggressive and frightening behavior displayed afterward. People who suffer from seizures will often times inflict harm to those around them and display great feats of strength as they are regaining consciousness. They are usually unaware and have no control over these actions. At least she was ok. That's a long way down...

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