Door Banging: 0

by obiwan

From: Anonymous
Sat, Mar 7, 2009 at 5:27 AM

Here's a somewhat paranormal story from my childhood. It's short, and more of a quick recount, but I think it has a place here.


It was just another day as me and my cousin were playing with our beanie babies in my room as we usually did (I was around 12 or 13 at this time). Now, I can't recall what brought it up, but my mom had told me once that the previous owner of the house had been a man who had died of old age there. I don't know if that has any significance or not, but I will go on.

So me and my cousin were talking, when we heard what we thought was a knocking on the front door. At first I didn't move much, I hated answering the door, and my mom had always told me that I shouldn't while she wasn't home, anyway. But that's when the knocking became more insistent, Hell, it was practically like a pounding on the door, the thing sounded like it was rattling off its hinges. Needless to say, I was quickly on my feet to look outside my door and see what was going on. My cousin was right behind me, I remember.

Now, I don't recall being afraid at first, I was just confused. Things got even more weird when I realized it wasn't the front door that was being pounded on . . . it was the door to my mother's room. Now this door was right down the hall from mine, on the same side, so I couldn't get the greatest glimps, but even so, I could see it shaking with whatever frantic pounding was happening on it.

Even now I don't remember being afraid, it was just like a strange numbness had come over me, the kind you get when you aren't really understanding what you're seeing, or why something is happening. I moved from my doorway toward the door that sounded as if frantic fists were falling upon it, and the instant I stepped into the hallway, it all stopped.

My cousin was still behind me, neither of us could really figure out what to say. I went forward and opened the door to that bedroom, I even went inside, but no one or anything was in there.

Even after these occurences, I don't recall ever talking about it very much with my cousin, or mom, or anyone really. My mom didn't seem to want to believe me, and my cousin, well, at this point in time, I'm sure she's probably forgotten it. But I remember.


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