Invisible Creature: 0

by obiwan

Newsgroups: alt.folklore.ghost-stories
Subject: The Invisible Creature
Date: Tue, 4 Apr 1995 07:43:01 GMT

Back about 1957, a couple who were friends of mine and my first husband's were living in an old one-story house outside Vancouver, Washington. They had two little boys, and a dog. The wife was undergoing some heavy problems with a delayed sexual awakening, and (at least in my opinion) the husband was being a jerk about it. Hypnotizing her to have sex, etc. Charming, if what she was telling me was true.

When they had been in the house for a few months, they both began reporting odd goings-on. They had both heard something very large and heavy enough to shake the ground with its footsteps come up from a nearby ravine and walk around their house, trying to get in. It made snuffle and growl animal noises. This happened several times, always at night. It did not seem to matter whether they were both at home, or either parent was home alone with or without the boys.

The dog had pups. When they were old enough, the husband rounded them up to take to the pound for adoption. He had missed one, and ran over it pulling out of the drive. I knew nothing of this. Two nights later, I was babysitting, with my own kids and theirs, when I felt a puppy's little claws climbing the arm of the couch I was on. I put out a hand to help the pup along, and found nothing there.

The older of the two boys, then about 3 or 4, was heard talking with someone in his room at nap time. The parents distinctly heard both Todd and a second, male voice. Both parents dashed into the room, to find the child reaching toward the window, calling, "Don't go! Don't go!" This was almost written off as the standard "invisible playmate", except for two factors: A breeze was blowing into the window, but the curtains had blown OUT the same window. And that window had been closed to keep the child warm during his nap on a cool day. He was not strong enough to open it alone.

The whatever-it-was continued to prowl outside, and the family became terribly afraid of what might happen if it got inside. They stopped ever going outside after sundown for any reason. After a winter of fearing for their lives, unable to afford to move, they talked it over with us one night, and we decided to try to eliminate it. Since the husbands fed their families by hunting deer and elk, they both had powerful rifles. We had some walkie talkies.

The men rigged searchlights all around the house, waited to a single switch inside the house. Late in the afternoon, the husbands got into an old car that sat on the property in plain sight of the house, and hunkered down out of sight. They stayed there, with coffee and sandwiches, and one walkie talkie.

Shortly after sundown and dark, we women inside the house began to hear the thing walking the perimeter of the building, and felt the ground shake with its steps. We heard it hitting the walls, doors, and windows. I threw the switch for the lights, and the men came out of the car with rifles at the ready. They saw the tall grass moving as though something large walk through it, but could not see what made the grass move. I was in contact with my husband via walkie talkie, and while we inside were hearing the sounds the thing made, the men heard nothing at all but the breeze in the trees and grass, and the crackle of my voice on the radio.

We were all very scared, but there were no more disturbances at the house and our friends moved out without incident a few months later.

I can still feel the knot where my guts should be, and hear those noises. We never found out what it was all about. The house was demolished sometime later.

I've wondered ever since whether the wife's emotional/sexual problems gave rise to poltergeist activity. But she was no adolescent; she was at least 22. The children were toddlers.


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