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Abused Girl by obiwan [Reviews - 2]

From: "Jessica"
Subject: Abused Girl
Date: Friday, April 01, 2005 10:32 PM

My sister, named Ashley, had to stay in my room because her room was being painted at the time. Since we were in the same room, we found it a oppurtunity to stay up longer and hang out. At the time we were 11 years old.
It was about 11pm when our mom heard loud music and came into our room to tell us to go to sleep. Neither of us wanted to go to sleep, but we knew if we did not follow the rules we would get in trouble (our parents were very strict). After mom left, we got dressed into our pj's, and went to bed. We shared my bunk bed that odd night. I slept on the top (thank goodness) and Ashley slept on the bottom.
We dozed off, and at about 1am I heard footsteps. First I thought maybe it was just our parents, but then the footsteps seemed to stop outside of our room. Anyways, I heard them go to bed earlier that night. At that time I thought it was our brother, Jake, who once again, was playing a prank on us. I called his name, and there was no answer.
I began hearing "moaning" outside of the door, and I started getting scared. I decided to wake up Ashley because why should I go through all of this while she is sleeping? I told her that I heard moaning and footsteps, but she thought I was illusionating. Then we heard the footsteps walk away, as it seemed, to Ashley's door and opened it gently.
"Can you hear that?" I whispered to her. "Yeah, maybe it is mom or dad-or Jake."
It then sounded like the person was unsatisfied, and came back towards our door. The handle started slowly open. I began freaking out and closed my eyes trying to escape it. Ashley seemed to do the same and we both began pretending to sleep.
The footsteps walked towards the bunk bed. That scared me deeply because if it was tall enough, it could look at me. I opened my eye hesistantly to see a girl (that had cuts EVERYWHERE) looking at me. I closed it immediately.
The girl walked to my drawers and started searching through them. Then she looked through my mess of clothes on the ground. She stopped. She then started walking over to the bunk bed again, but didnt look at me, instead at the ground. She bent down (and I heard Ashley make a scared sound) and looked under the bed and reached out. She grabbed a journal, or maybe a block of wood? I couldnt see well, it was very dark.
Looking at it, she began heading towards the door, opened it and then closed it. I could not hear her footsteps walk away, so it was almost like she vanished.
The next day, when we woke up (only 4 hours of sleep!) Ashley got out of bed and looked under the bed. It seemed the girl lifted a piece of wood (we had a old, wooden floor) and that is where she got the rectangular thing. Later that day we got our dad to move the bed (not telling him why) and told him to leave. I saw a bundle of pictures in the space looking like it was the cut up girl we saw.
When I got older, I did research to see who lived in our house before us, and found out that a family of one child, a girl, and a mother and dad lived there. It said that the father was abusive and murdered the family.

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