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Auckland Home by obiwan [Reviews - 0]

From: "John-Paul" (
Subject: A New Zealand Ghost Story
Date: Tuesday, October 28, 2003 4:30 AM
Location: Auckland, New Zealand

Hey dude, I live in new zealand and i gots a story for ya.

First the details:

My name's JP, i'm 19 and i live in Auckland, New Zealand. Im a musician and currently i live in an apartment with my sister but at the time of the occurance we all lived in a family home. Ever since an age far beyond my memory's grasp i've had a strong sense for "weird stuff". To say i have an interest in ghosts would be fair: to say ghosts have an interest in me would be fairer. I can tell straight away wether or not a house is haunted, And about 4 out of the 5 houses i've lived in have been haunted. The one that wasn't was built just months before we moved in, so go figure.

Anyway, i've got vague and vivid memories from at least the age of 6, but i'm gonna recount the last direct occurance in relation to me, when i was about 17.

it was the summer of 2001, and we had decided to rennovate. I had a weak idea of the house's history before we moved in, i think it was built in the 50's or 60's. The builder offered me a place as his assistant, so i naturally took the money - i mean job - with open arms. It took a matter of days before things started happening. My hammer, nails and other items of considerable use when building and rennovating went missing and didn't turn up for a while.

The first of two incidents which reminded me of how scary ghosts can be occured about half way through rennovations, when we were knockin' down the walls.

My family always knew there was something weird about the house, it hadn't really presented itself - for which i was decidedly greatful. On more than one occasion our dog, Gunther (R.I.P) had been found outside with no doors left open whimpering to get back inside and no one claiming to have let him out.. I rarely thought anything of it.

One beautiful day i was slacking off on the building and decided to make myself a sandwich. Gunther wandered into the kitchen and gave me the 'i want to go outside and poo' look that i was so accustomed to - so i thought 'i'll just make this sandwich and -' ... but before i could finish the sentence in my head, The back door unlocked and opened by itself. I watched as my dog ambled happily out the door and watched the door close behind it. No witnesses of course, Henceforth i figured i was crazy.

The second of the two occurances proved that i was, in fact, not crazy. One night/early morning i woke from an uneasy slumber to sit bolt upright in my bed and stare at the corner of the room. In that particular corner of the room there was a duchess jammed tightly into the wall. I could make out a figure in the darkness. Obviously i assumed it was my older sister. "Emma?" i queried? No response.

I realised moments later that it wasn't Emma. in fact as i stared at it uneasily, i could make out the features of an elderly woman. Granny wasn't staying with us... was it some weirdo my mum brought in off the streets? it was possible, my mother was prone to charitable acts - however this theory soon awarded itself the 'highly unlikely' label when i noted the woman was standing *through* the duchess in the corner of the room.

Naturally i hid under the covers - it doesn't matter how many times i have these encounters i never react like someone with such experience should - and somehow fell asleep. waking at 6 in the morning the figure was thankfully gone. coincidentally my mother told me of a ghostly-related experience of her own and that she had decided to bring in a priest. Apparently the last occupant of this house had died in my room (Lucky me), an old woman. Apparently no one had told her she'd died, or that we'd moved in, and she was quite unhappy with the walls being knocked down. After the priest came in, We never really saw her again. Currently i'm living in an apartment in town which doesn't have much of a history, let alone a bad one, so things are great.

Thats my story, thank you and good night.

Jay Pee.

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