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Car Hands by obiwan [Reviews - 0]

From: "Nick Pasanen"
Subject: White Lady of Northern Maine
Date: Wednesday, March 30, 2005 4:08 PM Name is Nicholas Pasanen and I would like to share my paranormal experience with you.

It all happened last summer when Two friends and I were curious of an old legend of a "White Lady" that appears on a road that isn't to far from my house called the Browneville road.
Well...the story goes...In the 40's a lady and her husband were on their way back from their honeymoon and their car went off the road. The husband told his new wife to stay with the car while he walked into town to get help. When he returned with help she was gone and her ghost has haunted the spot ever since.

Well...back to my story....two friends and I were curious so We jumped in a car and drove up to the road at about midnight to see if we could see any strange happenings. After about a 10 minute ride we got there and stopped on the far side of the bridge and waited. I being the adventurous one got sick of waiting so I told them that I wa going to walk across the bridge(that is supposedly when you see her) and I asked if they wanted to come with. They were afraid already and said I went alone, which was no problem for me because it was that much more of an adventure into the unknown.

I took my time and walked slow so as not to miss anything I might see and eventually got to the middle of the bridge and stoof there for a moment. Next thing I know My friend is driving his car quite fast across the bridge and I wave to slow him down and he speeds right past me and I'm left wondering where he's going. So I continue my treck across the bridge and find them stopped on the other side. I asked them why they drove by me so fast and he replied that he had thought he heard something on the other side of the bridge so he freaked and drove across...that's not the weird part....the weird part is he swears up and down that I wasn't on the bridge at all....that he didn't see me...but I was clearly in the middle of the bridge when he drove by because I had to move out of the way so as not to get hit....

That weirded us out a little but we got past it and then I had another great idea was to get the flashlight from the glove box and drive a little down the road and check out the "White Ladies" car that still remains down in the woods to this day.
So we drove and again I was the only one to get out and check things out. I took the light and ,made my way down into the ditch where the old rusted Ford had layed for some time. I looked around for a few minutes not finding all that I took a couple oictures with the disposable camera I had in my pocket and climbed back up over the bank and got back into the car. He put the car in gear and we started to pull away and then we felt felt like someone was pushing down on the back of the car. He pushed the gas but we didn't go anywhere and then the car stalled. As soon as the car stalled the pushing stopped and the back end of the car raised back to its regular position. He finally got the car started and we drove quickly back to town to see if there was anything wrong with the car.

We parked in the parking lot of the first store we saw that had lights on the outside so we could look the car over. We got out of the car and started at the front and made our way to the back. When we got to the trunk area we all stared in disbelief..there were two perfect white handprints in the center of the trunk along with an indent to lead one to believe someone was actually pushing on the back of the car...

I still frequently visit the spot of the White Lady to this day to see if anything happens. I've heard a few things here and there that sound like they are coming from the area that holds the old rusted car....but I've never again experienced the Hands....

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