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Miscarriage Sighting by obiwan [Reviews - 1]

Subject: WWW Form Submission
Date: Sunday, May 07, 2006 5:22 AM
Name: Ariley

I have never told anyone this story so and i know what people are going to thing but here it goes.

This happened 8 years ago. My husband and I were looking to buy our first home and I thought that we had found it.

The house was an old Spanish colonial with 3 stories not including the attic and the basement. This place was huge. It also had the most wonderful deck you could stand there and look out over the whole city. It's a small town but still it was beautiful. The house was empty so I want to the house to walk around the outside 3 or 4 times before we called the listing agent. I was in love.

The house was owner buy one of the most prominent families in the city and had be empty since the death of the old man who owned the house about 2 years before. He died an old man in his late 80's the agent told us. The house was being sold my estate some distant relative in another state and the house was in bad need of being updated. I go up the stairs and he opens the door and we go in. The house is cold when we walked in. It was December so i didn't think anything of it. WE walked in to the living area and i knew something was wrong with the house. The living room was a lot colder than the foyer and the smell was awful. The house had been closed up for a year stale air I guess. Anyway being 2 month pregnant you can pick up the icky smell when no one else can. The house had been last updated in the 70's and had an add on about 10 years before we saw it. The owner also finish the basement in the 70's. First we check out the main floor, then the upper floors. I had an uneasy felling the whole time. I was very nervous and could keep still. This is very unlike me. My husband kept noticing and asking if i was all right.Thinking I was cold .Finally we when to the basement. I got to the top of the stairs and i heard a female voice say don't come down here. stay way the voice screamed at me. I didn't want to go down but i didn't want to stay up stair by my self eight er. Stay away she scream at me again. The real estate agent offered to let my husband go first. I walked slowly down the stairs behind him. I could hear the voice in My head. When we got to the bottom the feeling that i had i cant explain. We walked around down there for a few minutes and we get to this closet and my husband opens the door. She screaming at me no please leave don't open the door go away. He opens the door and there is a girl about my age at the time sitting in the corner of the closet holding a bloody baby in her hand holding it out to me. Her stomach is cut open. See she screams at me, see what he did to us. i cant move I can On!
ly look
at her. I scream and run up the stairs with my husband right behind me. The agent behind him. My husband catches me before I can get outside. My husband and the agent say that i probably saw a mouse and the agent gives an uneasy laugh. We leave and Needless to say I would never go back to the house. That night I went to sleep and had bad dreams up until about 2:00 am when I started to miscarry our baby. To this day I wonder if I really saw something or if it was my bodies way of telling me something was wrong with my baby. I think about this every time I think about my lost child. I wonder it it would have all happened if i hadn't went in to that house.

Has any one else had any experiences like this?

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