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Aborigine Footsteps by obiwan [Reviews - 1]

From: "Jemma Bell"
Subject: Unexplained Mysteries
Date: Thu, 24 Mar 2005 14:28:31 +1100

To anyone that is interested! i've been reading some of the stories here (there are so many though still getting through them all!!) and it has brought back memories of my experiences by the paranormal.
I have had 3 experiences so far, i never actually seen a ghost but I've heard and felt them.
So bear with me...

My first experience was when I was 5 years old in the home (Umina NSW AUSTRALIA) I was brought up in. It was early morning approx 4am? My dad works night shift in Sydney so I always slept with mum. I suddenly woke up to a noise, it sounded like maybe a tribe (I remember the noise they were making) walking up my hallway being a scared little girl I jumped out of bed and hid under it. (Typical) see heres the weird bit, I could hear them getting closer and I could hear their footsteps, but they never reached my parents room! The noise remained in the hallway for some time. I know this wasn't a dream because I stayed under the bed awake until mum woke up to find me under the bed 4 hours later! I don't know why this happened I know no one has died here before because my dad built the house! I'm guessing maybe our house was built on a Aboriginal burial ground? Not sure ......

My next encounter happened in my new house in lovely Copacabana NSW, I always used to have my girlfriends over on the weekends. On this particular weekend we decided to contact some spirits with the Ouija board (I do believe in the paranormal and find it interesting) there was around 7 of us sitting in a circle. At the start we just mucked around with the board asking silly questions, I then started to get scared because I know you arn't meant to meddle with these things. So i then told *B* to stop and be serious, suddenly whom ever we had contacted got really pissed off with us and the planchalette started going crazy, we couldn't work out what it was saying, we blamed it on *B* (she is the one that got us all in to it) but she sounded so innocent i could tell she was dead serious! Then *Sally* screamed and pointed to *Sophie* she was pale and kept rocking back and forth saying "he's here... he's here. He doesn't like us... but he doesn't want us to leave..." I was scared shittless! I know she wasn't lying *Sophie can't even hold a straight face when telling a lie! I yelled at everyone to say goodbye and grabbed *Sophie* and just shook her she finally snapped out of it. I asked her what happened and she didn't remember a thing!

A few nights after I woke up in the middle of the night and i couldn't move it felt like someone was holding me down, I couldn't move a bone in my body, I couldn't even scream, i couldn't sleep after that. I don't know if it was the spirit we contacted or not? It's really freaky! It sends shivers up my spine thinking bout it now!

After my experience with the Ouija board I really wanted to contact my pop who i was really close to. My friend and I had contacted a spirit claiming he was my pop so I asked him a question only i knew the answer to. I asked "if you are my pop as you claim you are, answer me this; why did *RJ* (my brother) have a asthma attack when we last saw you?" and he spelt out "HORSE" Which is true! My bother did have an allergic reaction to the pet horse they had! I wasn't scared I was just so happy and upset. He told me to take care of my family and that he loves me and misses me.

I don't know if I'll ever come face to face with a ghost or not, but i feel I'm getting very close, whenever i'm alone I ALWAYS feel someone is with me and watching me, they never talk to me or make any signs. I get these feelings that i Know he's a man and he's not here to hurt me, i feel he's here to protect me.

I apologise if you found this boring, but i would really like some answers or advice even some similar stories if anyone is interested! I'm very happy to personally reply to anyone that wants to have a chat about these strange occurrences!

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