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The Premonition by Anonymous [Reviews - 1]

From: Anonymous
Subject: Premonition
Date: Friday, May 12, 2006 7:26 AM

I would like all my details to be kept anonymous please. Thanks.


This happened around November 2006 in South Yorkshire, England.

My parents and my brother and sister went to Newcastle to visit family. That
day my little brother had a cough and the weather was dreary. They left
around 1.30pm and I expected them to be home very late, certainly no earlier
than 11pm, as Newcastle is a 2 and a half hour drive away. I was also
expecting a call before they set off to come home again. I was at home with
my sisters and we spent the whole day lazing about in our own rooms.

About 7.20pm I decided to have a bath and turned on the water taps. I was
just about to get in the bath around 7.40pm when I heard noises through the
small, open window in the bathroom. It was my dads car pulling into the
drive I listened carefully as I was not expecting them home and my mum
usually calls beforehand. The car pulled in, I heard the car doors open and
then be slammed shut again. I then heard my parents talking to one another
in Bengali (which is our first language) and my little brother was coughing.
Incidently, the lights attached to the front of the house also lit up, as
they always do when the car pulls into or passed the drive.

I decided to go downstairs, so I put my clothes back on and went to the
front door. Strange, although the outside light was on, there was no sign of
my family. I unlocked the front door and went outside no car, no family
and no sound. I went back inside and locked the door, the hairs on the back
of my neck stood on end. I decided to check the time and it had just gone
7.40pm. I went back upstairs and had a bath, but all the time I was in the
bath I felt uncomfortable and on edge. I came out half an hour later.

As I got out of the bathroom I met my 18 year old sister on the landing
she had just got off the phone. I told her what had happened and she said
that she had just been talking to my cousin in Newcastle, and my parents had
left around 7.30pm. I decided to call my cousin back immediately. As soon as
she picked up I asked her what time had they left, she said 7.30pm. I asked
her what time exactly and she said 7.40pm! That was the time I heard them
come home!

When my parents came home I told them and my mother said it was just a sign
they were coming home because she had not let me know beforehand.

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