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China Cabinet by obiwan [Reviews - 0]

China Cabinet

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From: (LITTLEPJoo)
Newsgroups: alt.folklore.ghost-stories
Subject: Re: can specific items be haunted
Date: 7 Mar 1999 03:22:59 GMT

Well, this is a brand new house, only 2 years old, in a new subdivision.

The first odd thing that happened was about a year or more ago. This house has an open floor plan, meaning the living, dining, and kitchen are all one big room. The master BR is on one side of the house, the other 2 BR's are on the other. So, to get from the master to the other room, you walk a straight line across the great room.

Any way, I was cleaning house, had gone through some magazines and then put them on the floor in an orderly pile next to the garbage can. Continued cleaning, back and forth across the house. After spening about 10 minutes in the master BR, I left the room to cross the house, there, right in my path, was the top magazine that I'd left on the floor in the kitchen. Somehow, it'd relocated itself across the great room.

Another time, I returned from work to enter the master bath and "something" had removed about 5 brushes and combs and lined them up in a perfect line across the vanity.

Another time I was in the kitchen doing dishes, wiping the counter, etc. I turned my back on the sink and turned back to find the sponge and it's metal holder sitting smack in the middle of the aluminum sink. If it'd fallen, it wouldn't have been so perfect, and would have made the metal on metal clang!! There have been lots of other items mysteriously moved here.

There have been footsteps across the dining room, boldly too! Since about our 6th month here, knocks on the wall Doors opening by them selves. My bedroom door slammed one night when we were trying to fall asleep. And twice, I've heard a mans voice, very near, go "PSSSST!". Lots of times I've asked my hubby " what did you say?" when I heard a man's voice and he swears he's said nothing.

Also, we have a china cabinet that won't stay closed. It's opened right in front of us. Right now, I have it pinned closed with twist ties. It has a history. My grandmother had rental units and one group of renters my mom would only describe to me as "some strange cult" left a bunch of furniture in the rental. The cabinet was one of the pieces. I've heard a lot of raps on the wall directly opposite the wall it sits on ( the computer room).

Sorry so long. This is sort of a condensed version of PJ's "playhouse".. :)


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