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Twin Towers by obiwan [Reviews - 0]

Subject: WWW Form Submission
Date: Sat, 24 Jun 2006 18:46:43 -0700 (PDT)
Name: Megan C Marshall
Location: Premonitions

Mama often told me that as a toddler I would tell her that I had another mother. Of course, I didn't have another mother, and she probably assumed my father was having some kind of an affair. Although I didn't mention it, everytime she told me that story, I would see an image of a woman who I knew was in Ny, all I could ever see was the back of her head, and her hair was up, so she kind of looked like the image of the lady in paramount pictures, or one of the movie companies slogans. She was standing in front of two buildings that were side by side, they were made of metal and they were smoking as though they had just been on fire. I knew the woman was a teacher.

Growing up that image popped into my mind sometimes. When I was twenty I woke up startled from a peaceful sleep one night still half consious. The opposite of how it must be when you can't scream in your dream. I saw a bright light, and it touched my head. A little voice inside me said "I wish for a peace warrior", although I had never heard those words togethor before. Two weeks later I met an organization who was walking across the country for peace. I walked with them from taos to DC, but I left prior to reaching NY, and the United Nations. One year later I was writing a story one night and I became terrified for no reason. The next morning I had heard about the twin towers. I am currently an english teacher in NM. I am also exhausted.

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