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Abandoned Hospital by obiwan [Reviews - 4]

Subject: true happened to me
From: "jessica andrews"
Date: Tue, 11 Jan 2005 23:01:07 -0500

Acouple of years ago when I was in High School, it was a popular thing to break into the closed down insane asylum on the weekends. I lived in a town where there were three old hospitals of that nature right near by. The oldest one was of course the most popular due to the fact that the old tunnels where they used to take the dead bodies in and out of were easy to get into and the cops couldn't see you sneeking into them.

One weekend a group of my friends, 3 girls and 3 guys including me decided to go explore in the hospital. We parked our cars and started towards the tunnels around 1 o' clock in the morning. We had 3 flashlights so we decided that we would pair up, one girl and one guy to make things even scarier. This was also a precaution because most of us were more worried about getting caught by the cops than seeing anything paranormal.
The tunnels were musty and wet but other than that the only thing scary was the fact that even
with the flashlights we couldn't see more than 30 ft in front of us. We made it through the tunnels and went up the stairs to the first floor we found the lobby so that we would all know where a good meeting place was.

From there we split into our groups, but one other couple headed the same
way as my friend and I. We walked a ways into the hospital and found the solitary rooms where they kept the uncontrollable patients. I was a little scaried by now but the guys kept hiding and scarying us so my emmotions mostly turned to being annoyed.

Moments later we were able to see police lights outside. They must have spotted our cars or the flashlights, none of us wanted to get tresspassing tickets so the guys turned the flashlights off and we split up because no one wanted to make noise and get caught. The whole time I thought I as still near my partner. So I ducked into one of the rooms in the hallway. As soon as I entered the room I could sense someone was in there with me. This put me at ease. I whispered quietly to them but there was no response. Then I could here two people whispering but I couldn't make out what they were saying. I continued to wait in the dark until the coast was clear. As soon as I thought the cops were gone I ran out the first exit I saw. I made my way back to where the cars where i was convinced I was one of the first to leave. But when I got out to the cars everyone was there waiting for me. I came to find out that everyone had made it back to the cars right away and I was the last one out of the building. This meant that no one could have been in the room with me. I was hearing someone or something else talking in the dark.

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