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Roy's Bridge by obiwan [Reviews - 0]

Subject: Haunted Bridge
Date: Mon, 3 Jan 2005 09:46:20 EST

In 1933 my uncle, Roy Head was shot to death while standing on a wooden
bridge that crossed over a shallow, rocky creek bed twenty feet below. It had
been his fiancee and his
favorite place to meet on moonlit nights during the summer of that year.All
through May and June they had met there, then took walks on well-worn paths
through nearby woods, and soon began talking of marriage. Then in July, Roy had
an experience his family would never be able to forget, nor would anyone else
who lived in the Cumberland Gap area of Kentucky at the time.

There was jealousy marring the couple's relationship. Another young man
was interesting in Sarah, Roy's fiancee, and he was forever trying to break up
the relationship to the point of warning Roy that he would have Sarah even if
it took murder to get Roy out of the way. My uncle didn't put any importance
on the threat, not believing his rival would go to such drastic measures.

One night during the first part of July, Roy stood on the bridge waiting
for Sarah when he
spotted a glowing amber light over near the edge of the wooden bridge. The
light increased in size then began to take form of a woman. Her long black hair
was unkempt, her mouth
drooled, and her eyes glowed a fiery red. Roy must have been mesmerized by
her piercing
stare as she floated up near him. When she began floating backward again, he
found himself unwillingly following her. Just as he reached the edge of the
bridge which had no
safety rails, he seemed to snap out of his trance, and stopped walking. His
toes had already crept an inch over the edge, and one more step would have sent
him over the edge,
crashing onto the jagged rocks below. The woman then vanished, but in a way a
shade is
pulled down. First her head was gone, then her white shrouded chest and
torso, then hips,
and what must have been legs which did not quite end with feet, but merely
faded gradually
to nothing. When Sarah came to meet him, Roy told her about the apparition.
Later, when
he returned home, he told his family of his experience. His brothers did not
believe him, so
he asked them to go with him the next night in case the woman appeared to him

The next night, Roy's brothers, Dock and Phillip accompanied their
brother to meet his
fiancee. They hid in nearby bushes and watched Roy make his way on up to the
bridge. He
had been standing on the bridge for about five minutes when both he and his
brothers spotted the glowing amber light that took the form of a woman as it
had the night before. Again, Roy seemed hypnotized by the piercing eyes, and fol
lowed the flowing figure toward
the edge of the bridge. From their hiding place, Dock and Phillip could see
the blank expression in their brother's face in the bright moonlight, and raced
up to the bridge calling
for Roy to stop. The apparition disappeared in a flash of light. They wanted
Roy to go back
home with them, but he refused, saying he would have to wait for Sarah.

To the consternation of his brothers, Roy insisted on continuing to meet
Sarah on the bridge. However, they never went back with him. Their parents
were sceptical of the whole matter, and didn't support their other sons' concern
for Roy's safety, so they did not try to
get him to choose another meeting place.

On July 30th, as Roy stood on the bridge with Sarah shortly after she
arrived, they heard
wild thrashing in the nearby bushes, and turned to see what it was. A man,
seemingly crazed, burst from the foilage, staggering and waving a pistol.

"I'm gonna kill you, Roy!" the man shouted. Roy pushed Sarah protectively
behind him, and tried to reason with the man. In his drunken stupor, the man
paid no attention to Roy's words, and tried to aim his gun directly at Roy.

"I don't care anything about you, Jake," Sarah called from behind Roy.
"You won't get me
by killing him; I'll just hate you then." Sarah's words had no affect on Jake
and his shaking
hand conitnued to try to aim the gun at Roy. Roy pushed Sarah away from him
and moved
out of the line of the gun's aim.

Dock and Phillip were just finishing up some chores in their father's
barn when a gunshot
vibrated the night air. They raced to the house and got their father. All
three ran to the
bridge where they found Sarah lying in a fainted heap. They did not see Roy
anywhere, and looked about carefully for him and for the gunman.

While Dock and Phillip were searching the paths in the nearby woods, they
heard their father's strangled cry. Running back, they found their father
kneeling by Roy's body that had fallen to the rocks below the bridge. Blood flowed
into the slow moving creek waters from a fatal gunshot to his head.

State and local law officials searched for Roy's killer for weeks, and to
this day he has
never been seen and apprehended for his crime.

Who was the woman who appeared to Roy? Her appearance did not cause one
to think
of an angel who had come in warning, and she seemed to want to lead Roy,
herself, to his
death by leading him to fall off the bridge to the jagged rocks below. The
family has long
since stopped trying to figure out who she was, but have never stopped
wandering what her
true purpose was in appearing to Roy.

Sadly, Roy's mother was never seen to smile again for the rest of her
life, and ironically,
she passed away on the thirtieth anniversary of her son's murder.

Submitted by Charlene Saylor, Algonac, Mi.

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