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Mysterious Creatures

White Crypto by obiwan [Reviews - 4]

Subject: Weird Crypto at Iowa Trailer Park
From: "Jeff Hines"
Date: Tue, 11 Jul 2006 07:01:32 -0700

This is my first submission to this site. I've been lurking for years
but I've decided to share some stories that have been told to me. They
ARE all true. However, before I begin I'd like to make a few things

1. None of my submissions are my own stories. The experiences have
happened to one or both of a few friends of mine who seem to be
sensitive to these sorts of things / are coincidentally in the right
place at the right time, that sort of thing. The other stories are
experiences that happened to my great grandmother who developed weird
abilities after being struck by lightning in her left arm.

2. My submissions will be among the longest on the site. I hate holes in
stories. Also, I like to take asides during the telling of a story to
surmise some personal theories of mine that I've developed over the
course of a decade plus of lay-paranormal research. My goal is to only
leave out information that I myself do not know. Too many stories on
this site could be worlds better if only a little more attention were
paid to detail and grammar, (still, some of them are totally bad ass.)

That being said, I'll finally get to the good stuff. Being as I've
probably already lost the attention of over 50% of the readers who
decided to take a look at this posting in the first place, I'll start
with the shortest story.

This story involves my friends Josh and James. This experience happened
to them in their early teens, in a trailer park in Des Moines, IA. The
moon was bright enough on this night to provide excellent lighting

The two of them were engaged in trying to get some "action," from a girl
who lived in a nearby trailer. She had a reputation for being a little,
"open minded," so my friends were posted outside of her bedroom windows
one evening late at night trying to convince her to sneak out and come
over next door to Josh's place. One of them was standing at one window
while the other was standing outside the other window. The layout was as


X Crypto walking casually.
------------------------------ C
I X James

Josh decided to walk around the corner to talk to James. When he got
around the corner, from behind James and coming from behind the other
side of the trailer walking casually on its arms and legs, he caught
sight of a very strange creature.

It was stooped over, its legs longer than its arms but still using all
limbs for movement. It was humanoid and nude. Its skin was
Marilyn-Manson-makeup white, or crayon white if you prefer. Its head was
slightly larger than a human's and in general it had similar features.
However, there were some VERY striking differences. Instead of ears as
we have ears, it simply had small holes on either side of its head. Same
thing with the nose; no nose protruding out as ours do, it had two small
holes. Its mouth was small and it had VERY large, shiny black eyes. The
most creepy difference, however, were its legs. Its legs were bent
inverted. Imagine a human's legs bending in the opposite direction, like
birds' legs do.

As I said before it was walking casually, as though the last thing it
expected were the inhabitants of the neighborhood it was in to actually
be awake and out at that time of night. In fact, it didn't even realize
my friends were standing there until Josh said to James, "James, don't
turn around." Of course at that point James turned around and probably
the combination of motion and Josh's voice finally caught the creature's
attention and it stood upright, took a second to look at the two of
them, then dashed off into the nearby cornfields faster than an antelope
being run down by a cheetah. In less than five seconds it had traversed
a distance of at least a 150 yds. Josh and James ran inside and came out
with golf clubs but, of course, the creature was gone for good.

I have read many other accounts of creatures just like this one from
people in Western New York state and Washington State. I think there are
a handful of possible conclusions. If you believe in extraterrestrial
life, these creatures sort of look similar to the Greys with their large
black eyes and light skin and I suppose they might just be interested to
have a look around when we're sleeping and not into everything. Perhaps
they're a race of subterranean creatures that have evolved from ancient
birds, this would explain their large black eyes, pale skin and inverted
legs. Or, lastly, maybe they're a race of creatures that, while not
quite intelligent enough to develop technology as we have, at least are
intelligent enough to avoid catching our attention and apparently have
been for centuries. I don't think they're malevolent. The creature my
friends encountered and the creatures in every other account I've read
seem to be more afraid of us than we are of them; and rightly so. God
knows what our scientists would do to one if they caught it.

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