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Old Hag

Nightmare Growls by obiwan [Reviews - 0]

Subject: Old Hag?
From: "Martin Holm"
Date: Tue, 18 Jul 2006 00:00:59 -0700

I had never heard of Old Hag or Sleep Paralysis before finding this
site, so perhaps the experience I'm about to relate would fit into that
category. I also have not shared this experience (or any of my other few
experiences) with more than a handful of people, for fear of being looked at as "crazy", but by reading all the other stories, it seems as if mine fits
in here perfectly!

I have had a few experiences that have left me feeling a little crazy
and have analyzed to the point that I often wonder if they even happened at
all. My most notable experience was in '93. I was 17 and had just started
my senior year at a new high school. (Quick side note: a very traumatic
year followed this incident I'm about to tell you about, including deaths of
some friends, drug abuse, rape, etc., etc. It was just an all around very,
very bad year.) This was an average night, nothing out of the ordinary. If
I remember correctly, I had done my homework, eaten some pizza and went to
bed around 11:00. I was not quite asleep, yet. Just trying to quiet down
my brain so I could fade off into dreamland, when I suddenly heard the most
terrifying growls and snarls all around me in my room. My eyes were closed
and I knew I wasn't asleep, but I couldn't move and I was sure whatever
creatures (I say creatures, because there is no animal on earth that could
make a sound as horrible as this, and these creatures seemed to be an entire
pack!) were in my room would devour me at any moment. Now I am not, and was
not then, a religious person. However, because I didn't know what else to
do, I stumbled through a prayer (in my head) that went something like: "God,
I'm sorry I don't talk to you very often or praise you as I guess I should,
but please help me now!" And, as Him as my witness, I suddenly felt like my
body (but not my physical body, if that makes any sense) was floating.
Everything went quiet. no more growls and I was "floating" away. No bright
light or anything, but at that moment, I was convinced I was dying. My eyes
were open then, but it was complete darkness, which terrified me (I thought
"I've gone blind, to boot!"). Scared to death, I screamed and everything

I ran like a mad woman to my mother's room, screaming at her that I had
just died, but for some reason, had come back to life (my poor mother)! In
a sleepy haze, my mother managed to reassure me that I was fine, and that
the pizza we ate earlier must have been drugged. Wow - that was some GREAT
pizza! Needless to say, I was scared, puzzled and convinced I had either
died or was going mad, and I continued to bring the incident up to my
mother. My mother, unlike me, was religious, so she asked her priest if he
would talk to me about "a bad dream" that I had. So, here's me and this
priest (which just weirded me out even more) sitting in my room as I try to
explain to him what happened; and I was convinced that once he left me would
call the authorities to have me committed. But no, he proceeded to tell me
that he had had a similar incident in seminary school, and this was heaven
and hell fighting over my soul. Oh glory - - we are ALL mad. I don't know
what that was: a very bad and very real nightmare (but I WAS awake), a
drugged pizza slice, a glimpse at my future tortured year, heaven and hell
playing chess in my room. I don't know. But it scared me to death
(literally or not, you decide) and I hope never, ever to experience it

A few other minor incidents include: hearing my name called when alone;
black shadowy figure in a corner of a room (woke up sure someone was in my
room) that sent me running out of the house screaming at the tops of my
lungs, but everyone else in the house managed to sleep through it (just
plain WEIRD); and that feeling that something is near and the hair on the
back of your neck is standing tall, but alas, you're alone. Or are you?

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