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Animal Spirits

Cat Visits by obiwan [Reviews - 0]

Subject: WWW Form Submission
Date: Sat, 22 Jul 2006 16:20:57 -0700 (PDT)
Name: Beth
Location: PA

Before i tell you the story i should tell you that and grandmother and myself are big animal lovers. We took in a few cats that friends didn't have the heart to keep because they were really sick. We would take them and give them a nice loving home for however long they had left. We lost three really sweet cats to illness. And with that said i can tell the story now.

Okay, i use to live in this old brick apartment when i was younger. My grandmother worked late nights a lot and i was left at home to put myself to bed a lot. Well some nights i would be in bed waiting for sleep to come and my bedroom door would open a little and i would feel what i thought was one of my two cats jumping on the bed at my feet or sometimes around where my stomach is. Usually i would just lay there and wait for what i thought was my cat to come up to my face and lay on my hair. I would feel the weight of their tiny paws on my blanket and when i would look up there would be nothing. i always thought maybe they had jumped off before i looked up but then i would find out the cats were outside or locked in another room.

It use to really freak me out when i was younger, i use to freeze in my bed till i heard a meow or till one of my two cats came up and rubbed my face. but as i grew up i began to think it was the cats that we'd had that had left us physically but were still there somehow.

Well we moved to a different house and my little visits seemed to end till one night one of them visited my while my cat was outside. I was scared at first, i mean it had been awhile since one of our little visits. They still come by every once in awhile, not as much as they use to but they still come.

I really do believe it's my cats that i have lost that visit me but you decide for yourself.

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