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Old Hag

Sam Ghost by obiwan [Reviews - 0]

Subject: more ghost info
From: "Coelectichi Vetenari"
Date: Mon, 24 Jul 2006 11:10:34 +0000

I said that I'd send another email containing information of my other ghostly
experiences so here's an update. I hope it seems at least slightly interesting.

As I said in my previous email I seem to be more sensitive to ghostly activity
than many other people are and it seems to run in my family as both my mother
and grandmother have had experiences. This particular experience that I'm going
to tell you about happened to my mum about a year ago now.

My dad goes away quite a lot on business so it was just me, my brother, my dog
(Arffur) and my mum in the house. I remember that my mum seemed very on edge in
the morning when she drove me and my brother to our schools in the morning. It
was like she was trying to rush us out of the house and then was trying to stall
for time before she had to go back again, she'd even put Arffur in the car which
she almost never does unless she drives me all the way to school when she walks
him after on the common but she was just dropping me at my bus stop. It was a
Thursday which meant that my brother finished school at lunch time because it
was his TAs afternoon off. This meant that my mum picked me up straight after
school instead of me having to wait around until after she had picked my brother
up. My dad was back so my mum had left him at home with my brother and Arffur.

I must stress that my mum believes in ghosts but my dad doesn't. He believes in
what he sees, if he doesn't have evidence it doesn't exist; but my mum knows
that there is something there.

As I got in the car my mum had seemed very quiet but she soon started to make
the usual small talk as in how was my day, did I learn much, etc. I could tell
things weren't right though because she was talking slower than usual, almost as
if she was wondering whether or not she should say something to me or keep quiet
about it. After another few minutes of silence she cleared her throat and
started talking about what had happened.

The previous night she had been lying in bed after writing in her prayer diary
and scribbling down a few ideas for that weeks sermon. She hadn't been feeling
very well so hadn't wanted to go through her usual routine of reading her bible
and saying her prayers but go straight to bed instead and only scribble down a
few notes. This she had decided to stress to me as that is why she believes that
what happened did happen.

She had been lying in her room when she heard something moving along the
landing. It entered her room and sat down on the bed next to her. What ever it
was didn't seem to be a threat at this point so my mum didn't cry out or
anything, thinking it must just be Sam or something like that as I had said that
he'd been around recently. Suddenly she felt her throat tighten as if something
was trying to choke her. She said that she had felt the hands tightening on her
neck and squeezing as hard as they could. My mum was unable to cry out but she
started saying the Lord's prayer in her head, it was all she could think of and
the hands disappeared. The ghost had gone but then she had heard me lashing out
at something in the room next door as if I was being attacked as well but then
it also stopped.

My mum is a devout christian, it is her life, and she believes that it is her
faith that saved her that night. Since then she has become more open about her
belief in ghosts to and has had a couple more experiences. Both other
experiences have happened when she was ill and we believe this has something to
do with people's sensitivity to the supernatural. My dad was at home both of
these times so my mum slept in the spare room to stop my dad catching her illness.

The first of these experiences was similar to the other ghost that had strangled
her. It came into her room at the middle of the night and leaned over her. She
couldn't see what it was in the dim light but it was very similar to the
previous ghost aparantly. Then it started talking, the words were very fast and
hard to understand; all my mum picked up on was that a lot of s and v sounds
were used. When the thing paused my mum managed to ask if it could slow down
please. It then sank through the floor with a sigh and we haven't heard about it

The other experience was also in this room when my mum woke up in the middle of
the night. I remember that it was in Feb this year because it was about a month
after I started going out with my boyfriend. The room felt different to usual,
warmer and more comforting. Everyone in my house hates this room because it
seems to always be at least a few degrees colder and unwelcoming to everyone. My
friends all avoid spending time in that room if they are staying at my house and
I recently set up an experiment making my boyfriend sit in the room for a while
on his own. He wanted to leave witin the first 5 minutes. But my mum still had
slept in the room and so was understandably frightened by this sudden warmness.
She said she felt that it was coming from the doorway and was certain she saw a
figure standing there who smiled at her then slowly faded. We worked out it was
Sam eventually, saying goodbye and thank you as he hasn't been around much since

Those are my mum's most interesting and recent ghostly encounters. We have been
doing some research on the local ghosts and have been talking to other people
who live in haunted houses. An unusual one of those was when we had to cancel
one of the meetings because the lady we were meeting had to stay at home and
bake a cake for the ghosts deathday so the children were going to play cards
with it that evening. This seemed a bit strange even to me as I have mostly had
negative experiences of the supernatural other than Sam who has made it clear he
doesn't like my boyfriend so will not come back until we split up.

I shall try and write again soon as I have not even reached the halfway mark
through the ghost stories I have that I think are reasonably interesting.

Heva xXx

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