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Ouija Grandma by obiwan [Reviews - 3]

Subject: My Grandma and my Ouija Board
From: "glowangel1"
Date: Tue, 28 Dec 2004 11:58:42 -0600

This is so creepy but completely true. One day three of my friends and I
were playing with my Ouija board. We were home alone so we were kind of
scared. It was August 1 (last year 2003). On August 2 it would've been two
years since my grandma had died. Whenever I play with the board I always ask
what their name is. This time it said E.H. We were all wondering what E.H.
could stand for. Then it clicked those are my grandma's initials. Her name
was Elliette (I'm not going to say her last name because if she were a live
I'm sure she wouldn't like that). When I figured that out I started crying
because I was so scared and happy. After taking everything in I started
thinking maybe it was one of my friends just messing around. So I decided to
ask the board questions that my friends couldn't possibly know. Questions
such as; what is your middle name? What is your maiden name? What time did
you pass away? It got the questions all right, and I know that my friend
could not have known that.

Now we were all scared out of our minds! We were hesitant to ask this
question but we did, are you in the house? It said yes! I asked what room
and it answered, the kitchen. The way my house is set up there is my living
with a wall and on the other side of my wall there was my kitchen. If
anything went on in there we would've seen or heard. Being so close to the
kitchen we were all really scared. Time was going by and we just kept
talking to my "grandma." Finally we all decided we were bored and wanted
some popcorn. I don't know how but I forgot about her saying she was in the
kitchen and when I went in there two of my cabinet doors were open! No one
had been in the kitchen because we were the only ones home and I would've
known if they went in there. I screamed and ran back to the living room.
After getting back the courage we all went to the kitchen closed the
cabinets and happily made popcorn. Although we were very scared we tried to
forget about it (even though I think I'll never forget about it). I have
another experience but that's a different story. Thanks for reading!

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