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West Yorkshire Home by obiwan [Reviews - 4]

Subject: WWW Form Submission
Date: Fri, 4 Aug 2006 04:27:14 -0700 (PDT)
Name: Richard
Location: West Yorkshire, United Kingdom

The house I grew up in was a late 1940's semi-detatched house, and although I had grown up knowing that the area I lived in had many haunted buildings such as Temple Newsam House which was is walking distance from my house in Leeds. I did not think my modern house would have anything remotly out of the ordinary happen in it.

My house although modern needed many repairs, it was cold, had many drafts and our electricity and gas had been known to cut out without reason, which made some of the events stranger still.

There has always been things out of the oridnary in my house, but they have only got to the point where I have started to think theres something out of the ordinary in the last 3 years. As a young child my parents room frightened me as I could tell there was something above my parents wardrobes. My mum told me I was just imagining monsters but I now doubt it, I got such a feeling of dread whenever I was in the room and it was always pin pointed from that position. My mum keeps the christmas decorations there now in a red leather suitcase which last time I went to get them down was pushed at me with such great force I could stop it and it fell on the floor open, my mum assured me she had closed it properly, she is only 40 and her memory is one of the best I know.

I have only ever actually seen something twice, both in my Bedroom, the first time I woke up in bed with a crushing pain on my ankles, I looked to the end of my bed and sleeping there was a dog, which vaugly resembled my old dog when she was young, the dog stood up and walked to my face before disappearing. I was in rather a state after this and slept in my mums bed for 2 weeks after. The second time was a couple of years later when I was sat on my bed reading, I glanced up and at my door a young girl with blond hair, in a night gown and with a night cap on was looking around the frame at me before running off. My landing is only short and so when i go upto look down it, (my room is small so it only required me to stand up. I thought it could be my little sister who had blond hair also, but she was taller and wore short nighty with bagpuss on. My little sister slept in my mums room also as she didn't like sleeping alone for reasons i don't know. She was fast asleep, so I didn't know what to think.

As I said my gas was known to cut out without reason. Once we had no gas for a month and so lived off grilled and microwaved food. One afternoon during this month I came home from school to my kitchien flooded with the smell of gas, all the hobs of the cooker were open fully and gas was filling the room. I turned these all off and aired the room out, I tried the gas again as I was excited we had gas back and it didn't work. No gas appliances worked at all, at least when we tried to use them for another 2 weeks. Three times that evening the same happened, twice my mum finding them and shouting very loud at me and my sisters as she thought it was us who turned them on, but I was the only one who could reach the hobs and I know I didn't turn them on and I know my mum wouldn't have.

The most recent incident I've had in that house was maybe a month ago. I was sleeping in my bedroom again and I was woken up to a huge crash the other side of the wall I was sleeping against. I could hear it so clearly i could pin point the place it hit. The crash was so loud it woke my mum up in the room next door to mine through a thick was. The only problem with this was that on the other side of the wall i sleep against is nothing, its 15ft above ground level with a stretch of grass under it, a few minuits later there was another louder crash which made my bed move but this time it was coming from under my floor, which is a porch above my door roughly the same height from the ground as before.

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