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Ouijavision by obiwan [Reviews - 0]

Subject: WWW Form Submission
Date: Sat, 5 Aug 2006 11:02:29 -0700 (PDT)
Name: Miranda Guerra
Location: In My House

This is a true ghost story that happened to me and my best friend when we were just 13. The names of some people have been changed for privacy.

I was sitting on my floor in my room with my best friend Jen, when we decided to play my ouija board. I agreed in a flash. Although I have been warned not to play in the dark by many people, we decided to turn the lights off except for a very very dim lamp. Everything was pitch black except for the words. After a few minutes we each accused the other of moving the board. So thinking it was a fake, we gave up. It was like ten o clock and we were still bored. I knew that there was a ghost in my house, so I didnt want to give up.

Jen and I tried to communicate with the ghost by telling it to turn on the lights or T.V. to give us a sign. A few minutes went by so we started chanting "Turn something on, turn something on". Eventually we got bored and as i got up to turn my lights on, my television came on and started flickering. No sound came from although the volume was all the way up. Jen and I screamed and I ran back to my bad very fast and we hid under my covers. Neither of us turned it on because it was acrossed the room, plus my remote was too and it had no batteries. Everyone else in the house was downstairs and we have no universal remotes. We went to get a drink, and when we came back upstairs, the TV was off. So we turned it back on to watch a show.

A few hours past and soon it was 2:30. Jen and I were on the floor between my bed and TV excersising and stretching. In the middle of my show, the TV turned off and we ran to my bed screaming once again. We got scared and started telling the ghost or whatever to turn my TV back on! It came on once again, and that was the last time my TV ever did that. I know it was the spirit or ghost because i have seen her multiple times..

Other nights i can hear children jumping on beds, but its no one. Or ill see the outline of a cat and hear it purring, but then when i go to pet it, my hand goes right through it.

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