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Old Hag

Invader by philm00r [Reviews - 2]

Suddenly I’m awake – or am I? Dear lord, I hope not! Someone is there, but I cannot see them. They’re whispering incoherent gibberish into my ear as a hand slithers slowly around on my back. That’s when I panic and try to move.

But why can’t I move? I want nothing more than to get up and run, but I can’t! This is horrifying! Maybe if I yell out someone will hear me and come to my rescue. But I have no voice, either, no means of freeing myself from this overwhelming feeling of imminent death. If I could cry I would, but I can’t even do that.

“What do you want from me?” I think to myself. “Please go away!” The unthinkable happens. The hand moves away from my back, only to be replaced by two more closing around my neck! “Dear God, save me!” I can’t breathe anymore. So much pressure! Death is coming for sure now. At any moment.

Then, bam! All at once the lock on my muscles releases, and I fly up out of bed, ready to greet my enemy with fists of fury. Only no one is there! No more whispers, no more hands, nothing! Was it really happening? Was I dreaming? No way, my eyes were definitely open, I know it!

What or who was there? I’m still so horrified. Quickly I jump out of bed and flip on the light. Franticly searching the room to find ... nothing. Not even the slightest bit of evidence to support someone else being in my room. “Maybe I WAS dreaming.”

Somewhat relieved, I climb back into bed. As I lay there I say to myself, “What a nightmare.” That’s all it was, a dream. Slowly I drift back to sleep and escape the fear all together.

But the door slowly creaks open. Footsteps are making their way toward my bed! The whispers have returned. I feel IT climb into my bed! “NO! Not again!”

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