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Unexplainable things... by reenee2340 [Reviews - 0]

Well, this happened to me when I wuz about 9-12 years old. I lived in this shitty apartment in my hometown, in Long Island, (Nassau County), NY. I used to live with my oldest brother, my younger brother, and my parents, of course. Well, it wuz a 1 room apartment, and since back then we had many economic problems, we stayed there for the mean time. My parents had a bed in the living room, and in the room, there was a full sized bed, where my oldest brother slept. There was a wooden bunk bed, which I slept in the bottom and my little brother slept on the top. Well, things were good until one night....things werent the same.

Well, one night, it was around the summer time, and we were all going to bed. I layed in my bed which is facing towards my oldest brothers bed. So, I start to feel tired, and as Im starting to close my eyes, my oldest brother's bed, starts to shake like crazy. I was scared shit and I sat up in shock. My heart pounded like crazy and my little brother woke up. My oldest brother right away jumps out of the bed and the bed still shakes, as if something is under it. My oldest brother tries to stop it by grabbing it, but when he does, he said it felt like something was pulling him down. He jumped back, and I got up and told him that I was gonna check under the bed. My brother screams at me and asks me if Im fuckin crazy. lol. Well, he puts his hands on the bed, and I saw with my eyes as if something slithered on the bed. My parents heard all the noise and quickly come to the room...but as soon they opened the stopped.....completely.......I tell this story to my friends sometimes and they dont believe me....well, its true...I dont like to lie about things like this...

Well, another thing that has happened to me is that I used to live in this apartment with my family when I was about 6-8 years old. I remember that this weird shit happened on a saturday because there was a show on which my mother loved. My aunt used to live with us so it was pretty crowded. My mom, me, and my aunt are in the living room. My mother is doing my hair, and she's speaking to my aunt. She then remembers that her show is on so she tells me to go turn on the tv in her room and to put it loud. I get up, and tell her why doesnt she just go over there? She gets mad at me and I just agree with her and go to her room. Well, I was walking down the little hallway which goes to my mother's room, and I suddenly feel as if someone touched my back, and I felt a cold chill run down my back. I go into the room, and head for the tv. As my fingers are a few inches from the button, the tv turns on by itself. I froze in place. My mother screams out to me to put it up. So I go to the volume button and I see the volume screen come up by itself...and the volume was going up. I screamed and ran to my mother. She was asking what the hell was wrong with me, but I was too fuckin scared to speak. After a while, I told her...she didnt believe and said that I was imagining all of that...but I know.......I didnt....I dont know if anyone believes me......but, I know what I saw......

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