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Living Room Blinds by Nina [Reviews - 0]

This story is told by my little sister in their house.

I was sitting down in front of the entertainment center which is in front of the large living room window. The blinds that are there are the ones that hangs down not across. Itís a heavy plastic type material. I was sitting there playing the PS2, when I noticed a blinking coming from behind the TV. I looked to see the blinds moving violently. They where shaking extremely fast. The first thought that came to my mind was, the window was open and might be causing this. Please note the blinds go full across the window. The window itself is almost the length of the entire wall. Then I remembered I closed the window earlier.

All of a sudden I noticed a heavy feeling in the atmosphere different from before. I realized it was something evil and not normal. I looked fiercely at the blinds and shouted STOP IT. Instantly without hesitation, they came to a complete halt. Not one blind was out of place or moving. They went from being violent to completely lifeless. There was no a/c on and no door or window open that could have caused this.

After my mom and dad got home, I told them what had happened, they all searched for something that could of caused this and found nothing. They said it was just my imagination.

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