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Bloody Mary in the Bathroom by Destiny [Reviews - 2]

My mother is a wiccan and loves to perform spells and freak out her daughter (me). I've always been one to be scared of 'ghosts' but to love to freak myself out. One time I invited my friend who I'll call Jane. Jane and I loved freaking ourselves out and when my mother told us about Bloody Mary we immediately wanted to try it.

(The tale we heard was that you had to stand in a dark bathroom with no candles or anything. We had to chant 'Bloody Mary' three times and she'd appear)

Anyway but we both piled into our bathroom. (Our bathroom was narrow with two doors. You entered a door from the hallway and there was the sink and the mirror to the left, the toilet next to that, and the shower straight ahead. Right across from the toilet was the other door which led to a bedroom) Anyway, Jane and I were in the bathroom with the lights off, my hand on the lightswitch since we were both scaredy cats, and we chanted 'Bloody Mary' three times.

We both exchanged a look, well, we tried to in the dark. Then we heard the shower curtain rustling. It was swinging back and forth with no wind or anything to cause it. I immediately tried to turn on the light but the light wouldn't turn on. The shower curtain was still swinging and me and Jane were screaming. We were so scared about the shower curtain swinging on it's own that we didn't even bother to see if Mary appeared.

I was flipping the light switch up and down but the light still wouldn't turn on. Finally I tried the door but it was locked, and I know that I didn't lock it. I unlocked it and we both, quite literally, fell out of the bathroom. We both ran as far away from the bathroom as we could. I went and got my mother and we went back to investigate.

The shower curtain had swung so much that a couple of the rings had broken. My mother grabbed a flashlight since the light still wouldn't turn on. Jane stood at the door to keep it open since me and her weren't taking any more chances. My mother examined the lightbulbs and discovered that all four of them had been unscrewed, even though they had worked fine when Jane and I had started the Bloody Mary chant.

Jane and I freaked out and never tried Bloody Mary again. Every once in a while I'd go in there to take a shower and the shower curtain would start swinging or the lights would flicker. Now, however, I leave the door to the bedroom open, just in case I need to scream for help.

{{That was all true. Me and my friend were totally freaked out by it but that's an exact accounting of what happened}}

Thanx for reading, hope you liked it. :)

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