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London Flat by obiwan [Reviews - 0]

Subject: WWW Form Submission
Date: Sat, 26 Aug 2006 17:35:07 -0700 (PDT)
Name: juliette
Location: London

Poltergeist with witnesses:

My mom, sister and I were visiting my uncle in London.
A friend of his, an american woman who had just moved there, had gone back to the States for Christmas and decided to lend us her apartment while we were there.

It was one of those huge London flats in a house divided in two. Groundfloor and basement belonging to the old couple who were the owners and the first and top floor made up the flat where we stayed.

The first night my mom went out and we just watched tv. We suddenly heard this loud noise, "boom, boom, boom, above us" and our first reaction was, "gee, the neighbours above are noisy". But when it happened a second time I said to my sister, "hang on, there aren't any neighbours above". As it was windy I went to see if there wasn't a branch banging the roof but there was nothing.
As we were going upstairs to bed I said to her "what if it was a poltergeist?". She just pooh poohed me.
Next afternoon I came into my room from shopping, dumped my bags on my bed and went back out. I stopped short as I closed the door. Somethin wasn't right. I went back in to find all the paintings and mirrors on the wall slightly tilted. Even the cushions on the chairs had turned slightly and that same night I found that all my jars of cream were slightly unscrewed annd all the drawers just slightly pulled out. Burglars? Subway vibrations? I went to bed and when I turned out the light I heard a scraping jolt. Turning on the lights I saw the mirror on the wall right in front of me had tilted to one side.

The next night my sister stayed there to watch old movies.When I got back she looked really PO and said, "someone is playing tricks on me". They go "boom, boom, boom upstairs and when I go upstairs they go "boom, boom, boom downstairs! I've been running up and down all night!"Going upstairs to bed I poked her and yelled" I'm the poltergeist!" but stopped short when the wall right next to me went "boom!"

We raced on up and I spent the next hour telling her it was air in the water pipes.

We had now told my mother all about "the ghost". We went out that night and she went to my uncle's. On her way back in the cab she said "I hope that my kids are back as they say the house is haunted". The cabman said," don't worry about ghosts, they can't hurt you if you just tell them politely to go away and if that fails recite the psalm that begins, "the Lord is my shepard..."

My mother got into bed, turned out the lights and said to herself, "how nice, the cats come to sleep on the end of the bed with me" before she realised that there was no cat in the house. We came in at that moment to hear a very squeaky little voice saying "please go away, please" and then begin to recite, "The Lord is my shepard..."

To cut this story short it got worse, doors slamming, toasters going bezerk, cold gusts of wind, the works!
The day we left at the very moment we closed our last suitcase an old clock we had been trying to get to work began ticking. We waited twenty minutes downstairs in the pouring rain for a cab.

My uncle also pooh poohed it all until two months later the lady who rented it had her sister come to stay and her sister ran away after three days saying that it was haunted. She then went to see the owners who said, "we were wondering when you'd come dear. It's the architect who built the house for himself and his spirit is still there but he's absolutely harmless."

When reading this you will wonder how we could "go back to bed so easily" or stay a night alone to watch tv"...I think that the worst was that everyone suspected one another until the cat mother just isn't "the type"...The clock definitely sealed it for us as we were all together when it happened. The ghost was never mean...he had a sense of humour. You could literally "feel" it.

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