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Witch Dungeon Museum by Crysty [Reviews - 0]

I saw this section on Famous ghost stories and hauntings, and I thought Id add one that happened to me IN a famous place, rather than an obscure story. Here it is:

I went into the Salem Witch Dungeon Museum. Now, it is not the original dungeon used during the trials. That had been lost until some time in the 1950's. The telephone company accidentally stumbled across the original dungeon, but destroyed it as no one was at that time historically interested in it. One beam was saved, which hangs in the replica Witch Dungeon Museum. Well, I walked in and felt a bit off, but I figured it was because I knew we'd be seeing a re-enactment of the trials, taken from actual transcripts. I looked around the gift shop, bought a couple of ghost books, and finally we were allowed into the first part of the museum, where the 'play' would take place. I got sudden all-over creeps. I felt like I shouldn't be there. I couldn't sit still; it made me feel similar to when I get flashbacks (I suffer from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and get flashbacks occasionally). It had the feeling of being in a church, and not just because we were on pews under a pipe organ, either. I mean, it was the feeling of a real church to me. (Sherry, my landlord and best friend, didn't get that feeling.) I felt like we shouldn't be there, like we were trespassing on holy ground with our little 'witch hunting thing'. Then the play started and I felt better, but very sad. I kept wanting to jump up and shout "She's innocent, let her go", and had to force myself to stay quiet, as it was only a play. It was very well done, but the feeling of sadness and disbelief was amazing. Then we were let downstairs into the replicated dungeon. I touched the beam from the real dungeon (for luck) and started walking through. As I walked further and further into the replicated dungeon I felt worse and worse. I felt jumpy and intensely... bad, like I had to leave that instant. The feeling of "got to leave NOW" intensified horribly and finally, we were led back into the gift shop. Once there, I felt like there were people pressing in on me from all sides and I couldn't breath. It wasn't an asthma attack, I could get air. But I felt like there was too many people there and it felt like someone was brushing up... actually pressing up... against my back the entire time. Like someone was pushing me, perhaps. I bought a collector spoon for my brother, but didn't stay long enough to look around much. As soon as I was outside, I snapped at Sherry and was generally upset for at least a block. Then, it went away. The oppressive, touching feeling went away very suddenly. I was fine, and felt guilty as anything for yelling at Sherry. The only thing I could say to her was how that place had made me feel. I told her that I was quite aware that it was a replica and nowhere near the place the real dungeon had been, but that it felt haunted... like someone was there and was very upset about us being there. I didn't feel like it was a haunting linked with the witch dungeon at all, in fact. We went to a Japanese restaurant and I took out a book on Haunted Salem that I had picked up right before going into the "play" and in the table of contents was listed the Witch Dungeon Museum. So, I read the entry while waiting for lunch, and wouldn't you know it? It used to be a church, and the ghost of a Monk is said to still haunt the place. He is especially present at the replica of the crushing of Giles Corey. The Monk is said to be a wrathful spirit... meaning unhappy and not wanting us around there!

Crysty; Vermont

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