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Mysterious Creatures

Devil's Half Acre by Crysty [Reviews - 0]

Devil’s Half Acre
Crysty Boucher
New York

This happened to my mother while we were still living in New York. She wrote it down for me, and I thought I’d share it. A form of this story is published (written by me) in a fan fiction but was fictionalized as if the “Dukes of Hazzard” lived it. Please do not mix up the fictionalized account with this VERY TRUE account my mother wrote up:

(From Mary Boucher):

Back in the ‘80s in August me and Frank (my brother-in-law) decided to watch the Persied Meteor Shower. I drove my bus out to a deserted, dead end road. It was very dark because there were no street lights. There was a house in the distance across a field. There were very few trees or bushes in the area so we had a good view all around us. The sky was full of stars. Frank lay down on his back in the road and I stood leaning against the driver’s door of my bus looking up at the sky. We saw a few meteors flashing across the sky and we were talking to each other about the meteors. Frank was about 20 feet away from me (in front of the bus). Suddenly we heard a very deep menacing growling. It was coming from directly over top of Frank. He said “Mary, can you see what it is? It’s right over me.” I eased open the car door and hit the lights. Frank was clearly illuminated in the headlights – laying on the ground in front of the car – there was nothing there! We still heard the loud growling coming from over top of Frank. He got up slowly and headed for the car – I jumped into the driver’s side and shut my door just as Frank jumped into the passenger side and slammed his door. I backed down the road aways before I turned to head back the way we came. We still heard the growling but we saw nothing. The next day I was looking at a county map and found where we were – it was marked as “Devil’s Half Acre”. We went back in daylight but found nothing.


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