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Dorothy Ouija by obiwan [Reviews - 4]

Subject: My true story...
From: "Steve Perry"
Date: Wed, 01 Nov 2006 16:22:48 +0000

Hello, I would like to first thank you for giving the oppertunity to have my true story posted. It took place about 10 years ago at my friends house in Medford Mass. We both decided at the time to write it out so we don't forget any of it, but I don't think we ever will forget it.Hope you get the same chill I get every time I tell it to someone....
On a cold December night a few days before Christmas I went to my best friends house to stay over for the night, have a few drinks, and give him his Christmas gift. Paul's wife was away visiting relatives so he was home with his six year old son Patrick, who was already asleep. Paul lived in a two story rental with the landlord living upstairs. When I arrived he met me at the door with his signature drink in hand.

We settled into the living room by the Christmas tree, all covered in blue and white lights it cast long shadows around the darkened room. By now we had a few drinks in us as we got caught up and had a little music in the background. It was about that time that I reached into a brown shopping bag and pulled out Paul's gift, a long flat box wrapped in green paper. He laughed and said," guess it's not a bottle". He quickly unwrapped the gift to find "The Original Ouija board" He said he always wanted one and opened it , no time like the present. We joked a bit about how the Milton Bradley people were the first to come out with the "chat with the dead home kit."

We scanned the directions and began, board on our knees between us, fingertips resting lightly on the pointer, the trick it seamed was to put no pressure on the pointer, just barely touch it. We sat for a while waiting for something to happen. Asking dumb questions, all the usual skeptical stuff. But slowly the pointer began to move. A slow circle in the center of the board, it was so smooth it was unlikely that Paul could do it unless I was working with him to do it. After about two rotations I pulled my hands away and asked Paul" how are you doing that?" he stated that he was going to ask me the same thing. After a discussion on how hard someone was going to get beaten if they were screwing around with the other we placed our fingers back in position. Almost immediately the pointer began to move back in it's familiar clockwise circle

Paul began to ask simple questions. At first no replies but then" is there someone here with us?" The pointer moved to YES, then spun off now moving counter clockwise. It seemed to wait for the next question. Paul asked, " Can you hurt us?" NO it answered. Not much relief in that answer, we both were spooked badly by this point. I found it odd that after each answer the pointer would change its direction, and much to smooth and fast for Paul to have any control of it. Next questionwhat is your name. The pointer moved to D then P. We asked again but got the same reply. We moved on.

Paul, feeling a little more gutsy I guess asked" can you see us? The answer came, YES. Can we see youNO, I then asked why not? The visitor spelled out one letter at a time D E A D It was as though neither one of us saw that answer coming. It sent a cold chill threw us both and our hands shot away from the board. It took a few minutes of nervous chatter and laughing to get past that one, but somehow we both knew we were just getting started. We moved back to the board and placed our fingertips back, it jumped to life as though it was waiting for us to return.

We continued asking away"did you live in this house?" NO. How old were you, it seemed to struggle with that so we asked were you young? It replied YES. Did you like it here? Was the next question? YES was the reply . Spelling seemed difficult so we thought that whoever it was may have been too young to spell or had not gone to school. We tried to keep to yes and no answers and this seemed to work better. We asked if it was a boyNO, GIRL?..YES. Went back to how old , the pointer hung up between 6 and 7. The questions continued but the answers were few, it was as though D.P. grew weary of this game. Paul and I put the board away and discussed the information we had to work with. There was a knock at the front door and our friend Kevin was in the area and stopped in to say hello. While we stood by the door filling him in on what had gone on we all heard a distinct bell, like an old fashioned alarm clock, chime just once. It was loud enough to startle us in our already jumpy condition, and Paul quickly said" what the hell was that? Kevin said it was an alarm clock, Paul stated that there are none in the house that have a bell. It seemed it came from half way up the stairs to Patrick's room. Very strange indeed. Kevin headed out and Paul and I decided it was time to call it a night.

After very little sleep the next morning Patrick came bounding down the stairs and settled in with the TV. to start the day. Paul followed him into the room soon after and just gave me a look as if to say" did that really happen?" Soon after Patrick spoke up and said" I didn't sleep good last night" Paul asked why. Are you getting a cold? Pat said.." no , there was a girl in the wall in my room, she wanted to come play but I was scared and told her I wanted to sleep. A cold shiver ran threw us both and neither of us said a word , no need for Pat to get too far into this one.

Later that morning Paul's landlord was heading out and Paul met up with him at the front door. He asked if there was ever a young kid that lived in the house that died?..Lou answered no, but then stopped and said, the only kid I knew around here that died lived in the house behind this one. It was a little girl with Polio and she was always sick. He went on to say that she didn't go to school or leave the house much but when she felt up to it him mom would go get her and bring her over here to play with him and his sisters so she got to be with other kids. He said he thought she died when she was about seven. Paul and I both had chills by this point but the question had to be asked "what was her name?" He thought for a second and said Dorothy, Dorothy Picante. We knew we had found our visitor from last night.
For weeks after this night my phone at home would ring one single chime during the night. I didn't think much of it untill one day while visiting my friend Paul's house again his phone did the same thing,...ding. He said, "You know it's been doing that since the visit from Dorothy", I told him that the same thing was happening to my phone too, it seems she knows where we both live now. As far fetched as this story seems it is the absolute truth,I will never forget the visit as long as I live.

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