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Philadelphia Poltergeist by obiwan [Reviews - 0]

Subject: Poltergeists
From: Anonymous
Date: Wed, 1 Nov 2006 18:09:26 -0600


We had moved into an apartment outside Philadelphia when I was pregnant with our fourth child. David was born on September 30th, and it was shortly after this that strange things began happening. I had always heard that poltergeist activity was caused by adolescent children, but our children were aged 6, 4-1/2 and 3 years. And when the events occurred, the children were either outside playing or asleep in their beds.

Experience #1: The oldest child was in school. After lunch, I put the other two kids in their beds for their naps. The baby was about 2 months old and was asleep in his crib. I had made a pot of coffee (eight cups) in one of those glass ‘vacuum’ pots. When it was done, I poured a cup and used a large square sponge to wipe the counter down and put the sponge back near the sink. I took my coffee into the living room to watch television. The sound was low so as not to waken the kids. At some point, I heard a loud ‘thud’ and got up to check on the kids. They were OK. I figured it was possibly a tree branch hitting the house. I had finished my coffee so decided to refill it. When I went into the kitchen, I couldn’t find the pot. I had set it on the range but it was not there. OK, so perhaps I put it in the fridge when I put the milk away. I checked and it wasn’t there either. Looking around for the pot, I found it sitting on the sponge on the floor in a space between the range and the sink. This area was about 8 inches wide. In order for the pot to be on top of the sponge, the sponge would have had to jump about a foot to the end of the counter and fall to the floor and the pot would have had to cross one burner and drop onto the sponge. There was no coffee spilled or splashed anywhere.

Experience #2: I was setting the table and had taken 5 china plates from the cabinet and put them down in one stack on the table. I turned back to the cabinet to get drinking glasses and heard a ‘swishing’ sound. I immediately turned around in time to see the stack of dishes lift themselves about 6 inches off the table, move a few inches towards the edge of the table while in the air, and then drop slowly down to the floor. No dishes were chipped, cracked or broken.

Experience #3: We had finished supper. The three older children went outside to play and the baby (who was about 6 months at this time) was asleep in his playpen which was in the living room but actually up against the kitchen/living room doorway. We had gotten a grown female collie a few months earlier and she had taken a very protective attitude toward the children, especially the baby. She was sleeping on the other side of the playpen. In other words, the playpen was between us and the dog. A neighbor lady came in for coffee with us and as we were all sitting around the table, we heard a loud scraping noise. It was coming from the playpen, and as we watched it, the playpen was being pushed across the hardwood floor. The wheels on the playpen were turned sideways so they couldn’t roll. Our dog jumped up and started whining and shivering. She was obviously very distressed. She seemed to want to stay with the baby, but was really frightened. When the playpen moved far enough away from the door to allow the dog room to get through, she came running to my husband and went underneath the table still shivering and whining. This all took place in a matter of seconds. I ran in and picked up the baby, and he was still asleep. Our neighbor jumped up saying, “you’ve got a ghost”, and she ran out the back door. She never would come back into the apartment. The floor had scrape marks where the playpen had been dragged or pushed.

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