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Aubrey Dream by obiwan [Reviews - 0]

Subject: WWW Form Submission
Date: Thu, 2 Nov 2006 12:05:11 -0800 (PST)
Name: Celeste
Location: Glendora, CA

I have a few stories that come to me as creepy.

First one was set at one of my best friends' condo in Covina. She's an Athiast, and at one point she practiced Wicca in this house. Well, we were all sitting in the living room one night(including me, my best friend Brie, and her sister Lauren) watching a scary movie. Of course it was the scariest part of the movie where they're having a seance. All of a sudden we hear a strange noise. "SSSSHHHHHHHH", seemed to be coming from the bathroom about 20 feet from us. Seeing as how Lauren was the oldest, she walked to the bathroom to see what the noise was. The water fosset had turned on full blast. It's obvious no one could have walked in, turned on the water, and walked out without us all seeing. As we sat there in disbelief, trying to figure it all out, we hear a huge "CRASH!" coming from the kitchen. Now, keeping in mind this is only a 2 story condo, so everything's quite small. Lauren got up, again, and walked over to the kitchen. The cupboard was wide open and a drinking glass was shattered on the floor. We quickly turned off the movie and have never watched it again.

Another incident I've had, which isn't so much scary, but wierd, was a dream about one of my best friends that passed away a year ago.

To give background info., she moved to Oxnard, CA. right out of high school to go to school for law. We kept in contact whenever we could and talked about anything and everything. I worked with her sister still so we were all still really close. One night her little sister called me and told me I needed to go to Oxnard because Aubrey was in the hospital. Aubrey worked at Outback Steakhouse and was out doing a catering job. She popped a piece of meat into her mouth and choked. She was in a coma for about two weeks before her family decided to take her off life support. I didn't understand any of their decisions for this, so it was a very confusing and angry time for me. When we said our goodbye's to her before they pulled the plug, she was crying. Tears were coming out of my best friends eyes. I knew she could hear us.

A few weeks later, after her funeral, I had the strangest dream. In this dream, I had just gotten home from my boyfriend's house. When I stepped out of my car I saw her walking up to me from down the street. I ran to her and gave her a big hug and just started crying. She asked me why I was crying and told me not to cry. I told her that I missed her, and she was confused. Then she asked me to take her home. I looked at her confused and told her that I couldn't. She still wasn't understanding. I told her that she had passed away a few weeks ago. She said she didn't know she had passed away, and asked why she couldn't go home. I told her it would be too hard because her family is trying to move on. Then she asked if she could come over to my house, but I responded with the same answer. So, we said we didn't want this reunion to end and decided to take a drive. right when we got into the car, I woke up.

I've never dreamed about her since, and I pray that she has moved on finally.

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