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Visits from the Dead

Yellow Dress by obiwan [Reviews - 0]

Subject: WWW Form Submission
Date: Tue, 7 Nov 2006 07:45:03 -0800 (PST)
Name: Monica
Location: My home town

Ok this is my first time ever doing this so please bear with me. When i was young my best friend moved away and a new family moved into her house, there were two children, one was about 1 and the other around three. Since i love children i started going over there daily just to play with the kids, i became friends with the family and started babysitting the two girls. Well i found out when i was a little older that the oldest girl was suffering from a rare blood disease. She was constantly sick and had to give herslef shot all the time. Well when i was a junior in high school i learned that she was going to get a blood transfusion, and i was excited because i thought that it would work, but it turns out that it didnt. I came home from school and my mom had told me that she passed away. I was so devastated because i felt like she was my child, seeing that i had been taking care of her since she was three. She was 9 when she passed. So anyhow I was feeling really bad because i felt like i didnt get the chance to say goodbye. Well I was sleeping one night, and all of the sudden i woke up, i sat up in bed and there she was sitting on the edge of my bed. I believe in ghost but i've never before that time seen one. It was the strangest thing because i could see that she was wearing a yellow dress and she just stared at me. I wasnt scared at all she smiled and all i did was blink and when i opened my eyes she was gone. That image will forever be in my head and I know it was her way of saying goodbye. It's strange because even now i still babysit for her younger sister (well her new baby sister) but her other sister the christmas after the little girl passed away i gave her some sticker and she goes these are lindsays favorite i'm going to give them to her right now. It was then that i realized that she is watching over her family, and i hope me to!!

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