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Old Hag

Hag Experiences by obiwan [Reviews - 0]

Subject: WWW Form Submission
Date: Wed, 29 Nov 2006 16:23:00 -0800 (PST)
Name: james kirwan
Location: huddersfield, england

I used too suffer from sleep paralasies a few years ago, but it never happens to me anymore(touch wood). At one point I seemed to have it every night, and I think its a very terrifying thing to have happen to you.

I first had it when I was 21 and I lived with my then girl friend and her son. It was on an evening and we had all gone to bed, connor, my girlfriends son, was fast asleep in his bedroom. Carla, my girlfriend was asleep too, and I was just nodding off. suddenly I heard the bedroom door open but I couldnt get up to look who had entered the room and I sensed a person walking around the bed towards me, and I could tell carla was still asleep. I tried and tried to scream out aloud to wake her but I couldnt move and no sound would come from my mouth. All of a sudden I was being woken from what was a very sureal dream by carla my girlfriend, she told me I was dreaming and moaning in my sleep so she woke me up.

The next time it happen was about 1 year later, me and carla had split up and I lived in a flat(apartment) on my own, I was lied in bed on my stomach and I heard my front door open, and then footsteps walkin up to my bedroom door. I could see in my minds eye an old man, not harmful looking but an intruder in my home nontheless. I tried my hardest to get out off bed, to move or even call out, but i couldnt, then in a split second I woke up. This happened about 10 or 12 times while I lived in this flat and those time where the most scary because there wasnt any one else there living with me, I was all alone.

Now I live back at my mums house, my brother lives here(best pal), theres my mum here and my step dad, and our little dog, jordy. but when I first moved back home I started having sleep paralasies every night, and every night was the same nightmare. I would be lied in bed on my stomach, and a man would come from nowhere wearing a dark greyish long mac and a hat, the shadow covered his face so I dont know what he looked like, and he would just stand in the corner of my room. I would try to move or shout but my limbs feel like thay were not my own and my voice just wouldnt work, and then this man would get closer and closer to my bed ever so slowly, until he was right next to me and then I would wake. It would feel such a relief when I woke up too, because even though it happen night after night, every nightmare felt so real.

Presently it hasnt happen for about 18 months and I hope it doesnt happen again, when I had my nightmares I'd never even heard of sleep paralysies but I know what it is know so if it does happen again maybe I wont be so scared(fingers crost) james kirwan.

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