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Death Visions by obiwan [Reviews - 0]

Subject: predictions
From: Florencia Duran
Date: Sun, 26 Nov 2006 13:01:00 -0800 (PST)

When I was about 16 and in high school, I suddenly started seeing these images in my head about me in a funeral, wearing the school uniform, sorrounded by my classmates and attending the mass at a church I had never visited because it wasn't near my home but I had seen it when driving by with my parents.

Anyway, one Monday morning we were told that classes had been suspended because our Religion teacher had had an accident and to put on our jackets because we had to go to her funeral. I was shocked because she was very nice and because the visions were coming true! All of us, in our uniforms, going to a funeral! When we got off the bus that drove us there, I was even more shocked to see it was the church I had seen in my visions! My friends must have thought that I cried so much because of our teacher, but I must confess that I was more upset because I was living what I had seen for months while taking showers, walking in the street, or just while silently going about my business. Of all the churches in the city, this was exactly the one I had envisioned.

Some years later I was in college and studying very hard, and it must have been August when I started having new visions like the other ones, only this time I was with friends in a funeral in another church of the city, and I felt so sad and alone when I had these visions. On Halloween night that year, one of my best friends had a car accident with her boyfriend and another friend of ours, and they were hospitalized. My friend was in a coma for several days, and finally passed away. I was stunned when on top of everything, I learned that her funeral would be held at exactly the very same church I had pictured all those months, when I didn't know who would die, how or when.

A psychiatrist once told me I had just imagined everything, while other people find it hard to believe that the images come to me while awake, because they have only heard of premonitory dreams. But I know what I saw or pictured, and I hope that others who have had similar experiences don't doubt themselves and enjoy the time with loved ones for they might leave any second.

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