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Visits from the Dead

Orange Paint by obiwan [Reviews - 0]

Subject: WWW Form Submission
Date: Fri, 15 Dec 2006 10:18:18 -0800 (PST)
Name: sean boucher
Location: Saskatchewan Canada

I just happend to find this site and happend to have a story for you.

This story is not one of mine but of a family member. This story happened on two occasions in a small town in Saskatchewan.

1)My Aunt was paniting my Great Grandma's house. The room she was painting was my Great Grandpa's bedroom who died about 15 years ago. My Grandpa never like anything to do with change. the color my Aunt chose was not much differnt then the color that was already on the walls. As she started to roll on the light green paint it started to run down the wall and turn orange. My Aunt then checked the paint can to see if anything was wrong with the paint. Nuthing was wrong so she whent and got my Great Grandmother and she too saw that the paint was truning orange. When my aunt told me this I was scared and would not sleep in that room.

2) Prior to painting the room my Aunt was sleeping there. During the night she woke up and saw my Grandpa standing in the corner. My aunt got scared and pulled the covers over her head but she then thought this is dumb "this is my dad" and when she pulled the covers down and he was still there, so she whent back to sleep. Still to this day my Great Grandma and my Aunt both say he still comes to visit now and then.

On another occasion my other Aunt she was driving home from work in Fort McMurry to Red Earth. When she was just about home she fell asleep from being so tired. She woke up suddenley to see her truck heading for a telephone pole, but something was steereing her away from the pole. She then looked to the passangers seat and saw her dad (my Great Grandpa Fred) steering her away from the pole to save her life.

Thank for reading my story I hope you enjoyed it.

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