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Time/space Displacement

Cry Baby Lane by Anonymous [Reviews - 2]

Cry Baby Lane

From: (SAVVYB0013)
Newsgroups: alt.folklore.ghost-stories
Subject: Cry Baby Lane... Raleigh NC
Date: 30 Mar 1999 04:00:56 GMT

Back in the late 50's-early 60's there used to be an Orphanage run by the Catholic Church in Raleigh. One horrible night a fire broke out in the orphanage, taking several young children to their death. After the fire the Church decided not to rebuild and after a period of time all remnants of the orphanage was removed. Brush and weeds slowly took over the area. As the surround neighborhood began to develop, so did tales of the fire. They say on quiet summer nights you can hear the wimpering and crying of babies. Years later when I heard the story, a couple of friends tried to get me to go out to where the old orphanage stood on a quiet night. Now that area is no lonhger the safest area in Raleigh, and being more afraid of things that lurked in the night than things that go bump in the night.. I declined, with the promise that we would go the following afternoon. Neither of us had been ther before, so the next day we were off on our little adventure.

We arrived at the site, and followed a well beaten path to where the old building once stood. Like I had mentioned earlier the property had been over taken with weeds and brush. But where the orphanage once stood was a bare spotabout 100 feet across, no grass, weed or bushes. On the ground there were a couple of foot prints that went a couple of feet into the spot.. then doubled back. We also noticed a rabbit run out of the weeds and completely circle around the spot instead of crossing it. We circled the spot a couple of times.. none of us too willing to cross it. Soon a we all had the feeling that it would be best if we left.. so we did.

But a few days later, my curiousity got the better of me and off I went by myself to Cry Baby Lane... I went down the path, and determined I was going to walk across the bare spot... I hesitated a bit before stepping onto the barren ground and took a deep breath. Just a yard or so into it I was overtaken by absolute silence. I couldn't hear the wind in the trees, traffic from the near by highway.. nothing.. I couldn't even hear my own heart beat. But I was still stubborn enough totry to make it across. One I reached the center.. I stood still and listened.. just faintly I could hear a crackling noise.It grew louder as the acrid sent of smoke hit my nose. I stood there frozen, half in terror and half in amazement. Suddenly there was the shrill wail of an infant and I ran.. and no.. not the rest of the was across.. I doubled back and didn't stop running till I reached my car.

It was a couple of years later when I gathered enough nerve to go back... but it was too late.. as I made my way down the path... I saw bulldozers clearing the area for a new road. I road that I will not drive down.


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