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Visits from the Dead

Messages from Mother by obiwan [Reviews - 1]

Subject: WWW Form Submission
Date: Tue, 12 Dec 2006 07:00:28 -0800 (PST)
Name: vickie beauchamp
Location: messages from my mother

I had visited my mother on Monday afternoon after she and I had had a disagreement on the Saturday before. She had called me on Saturday morning and told me she needed me to come to her house. I lived in the county at the time and she lived about ten miles from me. I had just been in town with my youngest two sons for baseball practice. I also had just taken my only transportation to the shop to have new tires put on. So I had no vehicle to take me anywhere for the day. Our conversation escalated to an argument quickly and I ended up hanging up the phone after she had not stopped her insistence that I come to her house immediately. She was never this insistent over me coming to pick up some fresh veggies she had gotten from her early garden. On Sunday, I was stubborn and though I could have gone in to visit all day, I stayed at home. On Monday I had taken off work a little early to go to school to watch my sons in a spring sports day. I had about forty five minutes after the sports event before they would be out of school and I went to see my mother. We talked and our argument from Saturday was completely forgotten. She and I talked all three of my sons. My oldest is eight years older than my younger and ten years older than my youngest. So he was in college and doing well. She told me that she had had some problems with asthma lately but she wasn't going to let it get the best of her. I told her she really should go to the doctor because asthma might not be something to ignore. She said she would be fine. On Tuesday morning around two o'clock, I got a phone call that they were on their way to the hospital with her. I got up dressed quickly and drove into the hospital. About twenty blocks from the hospital I was at an stoplight and thinking that I could run the light because I was the only car around. When I had a warm and comforting feeling fill me. Something told me to take it easy. She was ok and in heaven. Really,it was such a grateful feeling of peace. I got to the hospital and I knew for sure the way the receptionist at the ER desk met me that she was gone. In the next week after the adjustments, I had driven my sons to school and was on y way to work. There are some industrial sites at a cross street right before a stoplight and it can get busy and bottled up. Also there is a hill going down in the direction I was headed. i again felt a warm presence and felt her hand on my arm. Her voice said Vickie look up. Far enough ahead of me was a tractor trailer truck crossing over my lane into the side street. I had been deep in thought about so much. But had plenty of time to slow down very preventively to not have any problems with the truck. She has been with me many times since then and it is always such a warm loving feeling. In her life here she dismissed ghosts and paranormal things as if she didn't think it was real. I have no idea if she has ever been with any of my four sisters or my brother but she has been with me.

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