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Grumpy Moped by obiwan [Reviews - 3]

Subject: WWW Form Submission
Date: Sat, 23 Dec 2006 14:07:42 -0800 (PST)
Name: Ethan Williamson
Location: Michigan

This happened to me about 3 years ago in the spring of 2003. I owned a mopad(which is basically a vespa), I loved it and I had been using it for years but for some reason, belive it or not, the thing would just crash. I'd be drving it around the house and it'd either just stop running or simply crash itself on the ground. I usually put this as my own carelessness as a driver but some times it was too hard to put only on myself. Anyway, that's not the big thing that happened. What was wierd was that it would start itself automatically and stop before I could ever catch it in the act of running by itself, my father tried to tell me that it was due to rain getting into the system and messing with the electronics but it happened too much to dismiss it as just rain. Anyway, I sold the mopad a year ago and everything's fine but I belive that the mopad was haunted or possessed or whatever.

I'm a christian man and my house has never experienced any ghostly activities, everything's normal here. But if you've had similiar experiences, well email me and tell me about it. If not it's cool, but demons and ghosts are real and whatever was in my mopad, it tried to hurt me a few times and it did a few times but nothing serious of injuries except some scrapes. Anyway, peace, God bless and good bye.

..and keep yourself sharp.............

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