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Rolling Penny by obiwan [Reviews - 1]

Subject: WWW Form Submission
Date: Fri, 22 Dec 2006 19:45:09 -0800 (PST)
Name: A.J. Martinez
Location: My mobile home.

Not sure if paranormal or not but this is just one incident of three or four in my life that convince me there are forces out there we don't fully understand.

I lived in a two bedroom 12 x 60 mobile home when my wife and I had our first born. My daughter was not feeling good one night so my wife decided to sleep with her down the hall in the next room. I had to get up early the next day so I went to bed early. I slept good until all of a sudden I hear a coin fall and started rolling from what started somewhere in the kitchen or living room. I was in the very last room at the back of the mobile home. I still had my eyes close but I was awake. The coin kept rolling all the way until it entered my room and didn't hit anything but just made the sound of it going around in circles at the foot of my bed and made the same sound you hear when you throuw a small coin on a hard surface and vibrates to a stop. I'm not kidding as soon as the coin stopped making this sound my alarm clock went off. I reached for the clock and turned it off. Then I heard my wife in the kitchen and thought for a second...she did it. After she packed my lunch I kissed her and was fixing to leave...I never said a word about what happened...but she stopped me at the door. She said " do you know what woke me up this morning?" I turned around and said " A Penny". She was stunned she said yes! A Penny started rolling somewhere in the living room and went past our daughters room. I told her that's not all...I haven't even looked at the coin yet. Also as I looked at the hall was an incredible site. My wife had clothes scattered all over the floor meaning the penny would have had to zig-zag around the clothes she was going to wash. Not only that but the floor was offset...meaning the penny would have to jump over the plywood joints. We walked to the foot of my bed to find it was a penny that rolled to a stop. Maybe it was the force of gravity in rare form....maybe it was a deceased friend or previouse owner I don't know, you be the judge. By the way I sold the mobile home about ten years ago but only because my family grew.

Remember this was not the craziest thing that has happened in my life I kinda share that next story with my family only. To the rest of you I say please keep your stories real.

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