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Aborigine Spirit by obiwan [Reviews - 3]

Subject: WWW Form Submission
Date: Wed, 6 Dec 2006 18:31:23 -0800 (PST)
Name: Kimberley
Location: Roebourne, Western Australia

This is the second time i am submitting a story as it has stuck with me for years amongst other things that have happened. We see and feel things all the time here. We still have a deep connection with country and it with us.

I don't expect people to understand indigenous custom and tradition or believe the story as it is really out of left-field but it stands out a mile from the things i have experienced and seen. I remember it like yesterday.

Firstly, when people in the community do 'wrong' things they are punished in traditional ways other than the Australian Law System. The old people and the land give punishment. Alot happens around initiation time (lore time) which is end of year (X-mas)

My elder sister (second-cousin) who lived across the road from my mothers house years ago was always in strife for fighting and one night (I might have been 15/16) my aunty and i were drinking and smoking on my mothers porch watching the dogs fighting in the street. She (my cuz) came home drunk as usual, swearing like always, went into her house and must have passed out - she usually blasts the music when she's in that kind of mood.

It was very late when the wind stopped, the temperature fell, the dogs stopped and cowered-we knew someting was around but we knew it wasn't meant for us because the feeling wasn't bad. We looked around waiting, not saying a word.

The silloette of the tallest, blackest, skinniest man i have ever seen climbed down from the enormous gum tree in my sisters yard. He was very old and wore a red band on his forhead. As though he had been crouching there waiting for some time-for her return. We sat quietly and watched. He was taller than the streetlights, he walked and stood over her house. I don't know how but he lifted the roof clean off the house-no sound at all and climbed inside.

After a very short time he climbed out the same way, put the roof back and proceeded up to the hill. We have always stayed away from this hill as it gives off bad energy. My aunt and i looked at eachother then walked inside and went straight to sleep.

I have seen them before-the people from the hills when i was much younger. My grandfather used to speak with them but i know not all of them are of good-will. They are always watching us.

We found out the next morning that my cousin had argued with and hit her father earlier that night. There is no sign of damage to her house. She does not drink, take drugs or even smoke ciggarettes these days. She refuses to speak of that night - not even after all this time has passed.

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