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School Stories by obiwan [Reviews - 2]

Subject: Ghost Story
From: Anonymous
Date: Thu, 7 Dec 2006 20:28:17 -0300

This is a bone-chilling set of stories. If you post them I wish to remain anonymous. These all occured at a school by the name of Regina Mundy on the southern shore of Newfoundland, Canada.

I was told these stories by my youth group leader. I don't want to mention his name, so let's just call him Bob.

If any of you have heard of Regina Mundy, you will know that this school is extremely haunted. Tons of paranormal activity, due to angry spirits.

The first story is about Bob. He used to be in the Scouts group at this school, and he was a senior Scout, so therefore him and the other senior Scouts would take turns to stay behind and clean up. This time it was his turn.

You have to picture this, it was winter, so the boys would have to take off their boots, and run upstairs to their classrooms to get their gym sneakers. Bob's classroom was on the second floor, so in order to get there, he would go up the first flight of stairs, in which the boys bathroom is the first thing you see.

This flight of stairs was an old one, there was no wall in between, so you could look right up onto the next landing.

So after the Scouts meeting was over, and everyone had left, the Scout leader told Bob that he could bring his shoes back upstairs now.

Before he went to leave, the Scout leader asked if on the way down, could he swing around to the other end of the school, and flip the lights off in the fuse box for the gym. Bob said yes, and headed upstairs.

As he started up the first flight, he heard a faint sound, so he stopped. He heard nothing, and thought nothing of it, so he continued. After a few seconds, he heard it again. It almost sounded like someone slapping something against their hand.

Bob was frightened, so he continued up the stairs, ran into his classroom, and dropped off his shoes. As he returned to the stairs, he heard the sound again.

Now Bob is a very stubburn person, he's not the one if he hears a noise, he'll run, he's the kind of person who'll investigate something. So Bob continues up the stairs onto the third landing. Just before he gets there, he hears the sound again, slightly louder, coming from about 10-15 feet in front of him. As Bob continues to move forward, so does the sound, never getting closer.

So Bob continues down the hallway. Now this is a very spooky hallway. It's completely dark, only lit up by an exit sign at each end. Also at each end is a statue of the Virgin Mary.

The sound is still in front of him, when Bob stops, it stops. Suddenly the sound began to get closer. Bob turned to run, but remembered he had to swing down to the other end of the school to turn off the lights.

So Bob runs down the hallway towards the other end, and down the other flight of steps. The sound is continually 10-15 feet in front of him.

As Bob approaches the fusebox, he realises something. The sound is right between him and the fusebox.

Now the second-scariest thing in the world is when you hear something, but you can't see what is making it.

Do you know what the scariest thing is? When it stops.

Bob is freaking out now. He doesn't want to look like a coward, so he runs quickly to the fusebox, and flips all of the lights off. Then he continues on down the stairs to the gym, and runs to his Scout leader. He asks Bob what took him so long, and not wanting to sound like a scaredy-cat, told his leader that he was looking for some homework but couldn't find it.

All of a sudden, they hear a large crash, as if something metal is being flung open, then they hear *click, click, click* and every light in the gym comes on.

The Scout leader and Bob are terrified, the leader says "We're the only ones here right?" Bob nods his head. They grab their things, and get ready to leave. "What about the lights?" asks Bob. "Are you planning to turn them off?" the leader replies. Bob shakes his head no, and then they scurry out the door.

So Bob has to wait for his parents to arrive, and the leader decides to wait with him. Remember, Bob has not told his leader what had happened yet.

"You know, this school is haunted," his leader said to him. "Really?" Bob asks. "Yeah," the leader replied, "There used to be an old school across the street, which was pretty much a one room school. Anyways, the principal, who was a nun at the time, was crazy. She would walk down the hallways, a leather strap in hand, slapping it against her hand in threat, she would beat children for breathing too loudly, sometimes she even would beat the teachers if they went out of line. So one day the principal got a notice saying they were going to build a new school, like she had asked for. Unfortunately, the woman died just before construction began. And there was an old tradition back then that they would bury the dead underneath the building in their honor, so the old nun was buried under the school. Anyways, now students claim to hear a slapping noise in the hallways of the school, and other strange phenomenon like that."

Bob realised what he had heard was like his story, and he told his leader what had happened.

OK, next story. Same school, different people.

The principal of Regina Mundy was in his office. It was late at night, and he was working so hard, that his nose was literally glued to his papers.

Anyways, a little history lesson for you. At this school, a long time ago, they never had bells, so the principal at the time would go out in the hallway, and ring a large brass bell with a wooden handle.

Now back to the story. The principal, in honor of these past principals had kept the brass bell, and a leather strap, on a little wooden table next to the door. The door was wooden, with a foggy glass in which you can only see shadows.

So the principal was working hard, and he thought he heard his door open, not paying any heed to it, he continued to work. Suddenly he heard a loud *clang clang, clang clang* sound. Thinking it was someone playing a joke on him, the principal rushed to the door, and hauled it open quickly, thinking he could catch the hooligan. When he opened the door, he saw the bell floating in mid-air, then it suddenly dropped to the floor.

I can honestly say he never worked late again.

Third and final story. Once again, same school, different people.

OK, so there was a large party going on in the gym of the school, people were drinking, and having fun dancing to music. Anyways, one fella had to use the bathroom, so he went up the stairs, and as I told you before, the stairs were old, and there was no wall, so you could look right up and see the third landing, and the boys bathroom was on the second floor.

Not having been to the school before, he accidently passed the second floor, and continued on up to the third floor. Before he made it to the top however, he heard a large booming voice from behind him. "Who are you?" it shouted.

The man turned to see another man standing on the stairs below him, he was wearing a long black robe, that was tied with a gold rope about his waist. His face was wrinkly, and he was bald. He wore rosary beads around his neck and carried a Bible.

"I-I'm..." the man began, but the other man cut him short, "What are you doing here?" it bellowed.

"I'm here for a party," the man replied, but the other man shouted again, "What party, I know of no party!"

"Well you should-" he began again, he turned to leave, but the other man cut him short, "Where are you going?" it asked.

The man looked nervous, "The bathroom," he said, turned and pointed up the stairs. When he turned back, the other man had vanished.

The man couldn't take it anymore, he screamed. He screamed so loud, it managed to stop the party downstairs. And remember, he's on the third floor, and they're all dancing and singing and having a good time downstairs, in the gym, so it must have been a loud scream in order to stop the party.

The principal of the school ran up the stairs to see what was the matter. The man told him what had happened. The principal thought for a second, then brought him all the way up to the third floor. As they stepped onto the landing, the man said, "That's him!" "Where?" asked the principal. "In the picture!" the man said, and pointed to a picture on the wall.

"Are you sure?" asked the principal. "Positive," the man replied. "That's impossible," the principal said. "Why is that?" the man asked. "Because he's been dead now for over a decade."

Both men looked at each other, neither could explain what had happened.

I hope these stories are good!

Thanks for listening.

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