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Visits from the Dead

Just Checking In by obiwan [Reviews - 1]

Subject: WWW Form Submission
Date: Fri, 8 Dec 2006 01:24:43 -0800 (PST)
Name: Valerie
Location: Alaska

My husband passed away in 1997 in our living room and since then, the house has been...aware. I hesitate to call it actually haunted but...

One afternoon a friend of my adult daughter dropped by to hang out til she got off work and came home. I had been cleaning the bathroom when her friend arrived and shouted down the hall for him to come on in and be sure to take off his boots. He called back that he was already in the process of unlacing his boots. Several minutes later, I heard him say, "How's it going?" I poked my head out of the bathroom and saw my daughter's friend with a very perplexed look on his face; one foot propped on the stair riser, boot half unlaced. "It's going fine", I replied. "Not you", he answered. "I was talking to the dude that just walked down the hall towards the bathroom". "There is just you and I home now guy. What "dude" are you talking about?", I asked.

He stood staring at me for several seconds and went on to say that as he was bent over, unlacing his boots, a tall man in blue jeans walked from the living room down the hall towards the back of the house. Since he was bent over, all he really got a good look at was the legs of the "dude" but had the distinct inpression of a large man walking by. As the hall deadends at the bedrooms, there was no where for anyone to go and they definetly would have to walk by me as I dilligently scrubbed the bathroom sinks. My daughter's friend was totally adament about what he saw. I'm just as certain that he DID see what he thought he saw.

Since my husbands passing, there have been numerous occasions where someone has had some sort of encounter with him in the house or garage. Just my husband checking in?

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