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Visits from the Dead

Grandma Lightbulbs by obiwan [Reviews - 0]

Subject: WWW Form Submission
Date: Tue, 26 Dec 2006 16:40:16 -0800 (PST)
Name: Anonymous
Location: My home

Grandma came to say goodbye...

This is a true story. It may be common but I don't know. My grandmother died two years ago at the age of 103 in her home in Michigan surrounded by all of her living children. She had not even been sick or in the hospital before that. I flew there for her funeral and returned to my out of state home. She had never visited me there before.

The first night I was back, I was asleep when I felt someone sit on the foot of my bed. Literally. I felt the bed sink down, then it felt like someone got up. I woke and sat up. I called my husband's name because I thought it might be him. There was no answer. I walked into the hall to see if he or the children were awake. The kids were sleep and my husband was working the night shift-and hadn't returned. I turned on the hall light but it blew out rather explosively. I tried another light and it did the same thing. I was really sleepy and strangely unafraid. I just thought to myself, "Oh, it was just grandma." I went back to bed.

A few weeks later, I called my mother and asked her if grandma came to her house too. My mother said, "No, but I believe you. When your Aunt C died, she went to your Aunt G's house and sat on the foot of her bed for weeks after her funeral."

I had a dream before Grandma died that my husband said meant that she was about to go. I saw her at a big family picnic, walking fine, without her cane. I was confused because I didn't recognize anyone at the picnic except my Aunt E, Grandma's sister, who had died. Grandma was walking to a picnic table near a lake where her sister was sitting. Grandma wasn't sick when I dreamed this but she died within a month of my dream.

My mother used to dream things that were true, even as a child, but after her oldest sister died a few years ago it went away or she blocked it. (Mom never believed in psychics-despite her ability. How funny is that?) Now, I'm worried it may have passed to me. I hope not. It is scary. My family is religious but they know some of them have this talent. They studiously ignore it-which makes it even wierder. They also don't like to warn people about bad things because they say people either get mad or think they are crazy.

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